Thursday, July 02, 2009

Steven Colbert says he'd rather stay in the U. S. on Canada Day.

Late night funnyman Stephen Colbert always aims a zinger at Canada

"I celebrated Canada Day today by not going to Canada."

He probably forgot the last time he slagged Canada, specifically the Oshawa Generals hockey team--and then when his team finally lost to Oshawa, he had to make good on a bet with the mayor of Oshawa. Colber wore the Generals' jersey on that show.

In that second-last game, when Michigan won, Colbert had said, "in the spirit of good sportsmanship I have decided, in spite of the Spirit victory, to wear an Oshawa Generals jersey tonight."

He then unbuckled and dropped his pants to unveil a pair custom made of boxer shorts – complete with the Generals logo on his posterior.

Well, he is mooning Canada again.

Hard to imagine our uptight Prime Minster Harper dropping his pants in retaliation to Colbert, but I'm sure it would have made a great skit for the now defunct Royal Canadian Air Farce.

Hell, I think I'll send it in as an idea to "This Hour has 22 Minutes", the equally funny satirical show run largely by Newfies, probably the funniest people on the planet. Certainly in Canada.

Oh damn it all, Saul.

I have spent thirty years as a novelist and have finally realized I'm a frustrated gag writer.

And it has just struck me that in background, Colbert is Acadian, about nine generations back..

Hey, that's close to Newfoundland. No wonder the guy is hilarious.


the walking man said...

If hilarity is imitating one who is a legend in their own mind the Colbert is king. said...

Yeah, I guess he's spoofing the Republican media guys.

Charles Gramlich said...

I always think it must be pretty hard to live the public life exactly opposite of what you believe in real life. I don't envy the guy myself. said...

Walks a tight Either/Or line.

But it's huge success for Colbert and unbelievable bucks and kudos. He's just been given a PhD in Fine Arts. Deserves it. Helluva brodcaster. And next to Jon Stewart (and Al Franken in the old days) the funniest guy on cable. said...

Monique Caddy,

Thanks so much for the birthday greeting on facebook. I am still in limbo with facebook. It will not let me in.
But it was really thoughtful of you.

Midnight said...

First it was Facebook (I imagine),
and then it was Twitter....

The Borg would be proud.

Hell, I don't even turn my cellphone on (luckily, I have met some Women - with mixed results).

Zen and the Art of :

Fuck you and your constant thoughts.

You got my home number :

Leave a message ; maybe I'll call.


Midnight said...

Hey Ivan!

Birthday? Happy Birthday!

Keep your face in the wind!


Midnight said...

So like, I'm guessing, you were born before June 21/22 ; Gemini : a word-smithy, brilliant composer of ideas ; though perhaps, if born after that date, the depths of wisdom may be at your fingertips, when it comes to the human sphere and depths, of emotional revelation, that is often insighted, by the latitudes, of the Sun in Cancer.

Moon signs notwithstanding, I believe that it is safe to say, that one way or another, you are probably fucked.

But Hey, thanks for being a good sport, and sharing your life with us all, and the world. If anyone leads a charmed life (besides me), it is probably you.

Na Zdorovlia!

Und, ein Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch.
zum Geburtstag! said...

Thanks, Midnight.

Can't get drunk. Just got a go-ahead from somebody. Busy on a book right now. Hey, this might be a lucky birthdate.

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