Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Medicare debate and weasly media. Is CNN the only one awake?

I do not have the bravery of TomCat who seemed in the last two years gotten Dixie Chicked because of his political blog, but I'm feeling a little heat and a couple of chips hit me in the eye.
I won't reveal the nature of it, but it used to happen to me here in York Region, Canada when I'd get too poliitical and I'd find myself laid off as a columnist for the local paper.
Friggin' politics is a blood sport, ainnit?
Lately, like blogger TomCat in the States, I have gotten reinstated with the Era paper here, though it took some time, energy and sticktoitiveness. Also, the mayor whom I had opposed for his alleged corruption has died of natural causes (hah) and there is a new local politics in the air.

Dixie Chicked, Dixie Chicked. It happened to a real superstar, one Bill Marr, but he too got reinstated.

Canada used to have this great satirical magazine, FRANK, in the tradition of National Lampoon, but the right-wingers sunk it as it got too close to the real nature of Canada, the Big Brother ways of the City of Toronto and the on-the-take nature of certainly one our Prime Ministers.
Frank is no more.
The Royal Canadian Air Farce, on CBC TV, a wildly funny political satire program along the lines of Monty Python, I suppose-- has also been scrubbed.
I am a graduate of Ryerson University here. While editorial page editor of the Daily Ryersonian, there was heat raised over my lef-wing editorials. My department head and facultly advisor, one Ted Schrader was hounded almost to his demise, but he supported me to the end. It was almost a Jesus thing.
"Ivan Prokopchuk's editorials are logical, literate and urbane," he wrote to Ottawa. It almost cost him his job, but he flinched not, neither did he falter on the ideal of complete editorial freedom, and eventually the Toronto Star, itself strongly socially committed, hired me as a summer reporter.
I wonder how student editors in the States fare today.
There is this incredible Republican backlash against President Obama and his Medicare. I wonder how the battle goes pro and con in the J-schools in the big universities. Would Republicans sack a student editor for pro-Obama views?. There must be examples.

It has struck me that the backlash against Medicare, even though hundreds of thousands are participating, is orchestrated by the drug and insurance companies. They almost run America But they also can fail. Like Bear Stearns.
There is change in the air, but the Repulicans don't like it. Paid protesters--these town hall loudmouths must surely be well reimbursed for their posing and placards-waving, for no one in America does anything for nothing. It is just not the American way.
Someone high up does not like the Obama Presidency.
Can it be that it is just too good to be true?
There is money to be made of war, pestilence anf famine.
Maybe we have a political Bob Dylan here, but he is smarter, more practical, more can-do than a mere poet.
And yet the accusation is the same.
"Come you masters of war!"


TomCat said...

Thanks, Ivan. I don't think what happened to me was political, but the effect was.

Just today I heard a mainstream reporter sat that Wall Street lobbyists are rampaging through the Capitol building trying to stop regulation of their industry. Sadly, Obama needs to overcome the best Senate money can buy.

ivan said...

To coin a phrase, right on!

Charles Gramlich said...

You've hit the nail on the head. There's folks running scared that their padded pockets are about to get less padded, and they are after Obama because of it.

ivan said...


Seems you get the weirdest outbursts, more recently in Congress.

Mona said...

This was most certainly expected.

In India, we have a saying: "Thothaa chana, baaje ghanaa"

It is equivalent to saying that Empty vessels make a lot of noise.

And though some may not call them Empty ( Pocket wise) they sure are empty in their heads.

I saw some of the weirdest things written about the Obama family in some of the magazines of America. "Obama's secret Gay lover!" one of the magazines screamed; while the other said " Who all does Michell Obama want to be axed."


Though Some of the younger generation Republicans ( Surprisingly Megan McCain are against the rigid Republican Views!

I saw her say so at a Bill Mahar Show!

Donnetta Lee said...

Sigh. D

ivan said...


Oh dear.

We have an equivalent phrase in ou own tradition from old Play Dough, though it is a bit more petulant:

Some Men are like brass urns. they sound until a hand is placed on them.

And thanks for showing me hows to spell Bill Mahar properly.

ivan said...


Sigh indeed.

ivan said...

PS to Mona,

Good on Megan McCain.

Father John has moderated, but he is still a war monger, in my opinion.

the walking man said...

The idea is to turn the herd in a way they will stampede over their own best interests, Personally I am thinking it may be time to retire to Canada and ride buses with you all day.

ivan said...

That is brilliant, Mark. The insight.

We can ride forever through the streets of Newmarket--we'll be the men who never returned. (Apologies to Kingston Trio and the Man Who Rode the MTA).

TomCat said...

I'm with Mark!


I believe you are right -- someone or some group is behind this unreasonable reaction to Obama's plan; you may not be far off -- could be insurance companies behind the hysterical mobs.

Couple that with a chunk of the population that is utterly ignorant, result is sure fire disaster.

Great blog you got here! (Discovered it via TomCat's)

robert said...

Sitting here in 'Old Europe' it is always of interest to read/see what is going on, on the other side of the Atlantic - even though many times in exeed of understanding.

ivan said...


This is largerly a Writing site; I don't get political too often.
But sometimes when forces are seen as not only stupid, but outrightly evil, you have to rant.

ivan said...


Boggles the mind, our shenanigans over here, doesn't it.

benjibopper said...

Tomcat's back?? wooooo!

Ivan, no doubt the bigdawgs fear the man. his ideas are a threat to the sweet sweet deal they've long had.

ivan said...

Sho 'nuff.

TomCat said...

HB, Rachael Maddow on MSNBC has done substantial research into the GOP and special interest groups that have organized and directed these grass roots protests, even going so far as to instruct them to stress that nobody told them to come and nobody told them what to say.

Thanks, Benji. :-)

ivan said...