Sunday, October 18, 2009

Egomania writ large. Ivan speaks to the masses

Years of not teaching. Not lecturing.
Familiar setting.
Two hundred eyes on you.
This is what you had missed.
The familiar lecture hall, but this time in open air.
A lovely millpond park in the October light. Hair blowing. Shlivering a little in the wind, half out of nervousness. But that was the way you used to be. A little performance anxiety, just enough before the presentation.
Like Chet Atkins said, " Icould hardly play", but once on the stand you do start a riff or two... Habit. Most comfortable with audience of stangers than even your own kith and kin... Doing a lick on the eradication of povery on World Anti-Poverty Day. Doing a Bob Geldoff, Bono, without the superstar appeal.
How to do your preps for a speech like this.
Took a lot of walking, thinking, figuring out your lead sentence. And, as they used to say in the newspaper business, "once you get past your lead, you've got her whacked."

"In politically correct Canada, we make so much of helping each other out, of political correctness, of elevating the handicapped to near- sainthood, of equal rights for women. But this is all pose. A shibboleth, a callsign. In reality some of our immediat neighbours may as well be in Biaftra or some other godforsaken place. Seniors are starved almost by goverment decree; the handicapped are tucked away where they can not be seen. Single mothers are evicted routinely, even out of illegal apartments whose mold and asbestos had already sickened a young family.
"Here in York Region, the second most affluent part of Canada, there are two thousand families living in abject poverty, and only the fact that they dress like us--Compliments of the Salvation Army-- that they are nearly invisible." And Federal and Provincial governments seem to want to keep them that way."
"Seniors, the unemplyed, Welfare mothers. The handicapped.
" O benevolent, politically correct Canada! Somebody has taken the welfare and disability, the unemployment insurance money, and he won't give it back.
"So try to live on $350 a month if single, with a thousand needed for rent.
" It all began with former Premier Mike Harris and his welfare thieves, Finance Minister Paul Martin and his unemployment insurance grab to restock a bankrupt government --and ending withe Prime Minister Harper with a guns and planes procurement policy for Afghanistan rather than helping the poor and the unemployed."

The audience had been warned by the MC. "He is an outspoken author."

Yes, outspoken. I can see the moderator nearly wince as I seem to harrangue the dignitaries sitting in the front seats.
Not Canadian of me,not polite in the "second-best coutry in the world to live in" according to the U.N.
Ah what do those international New York revellers and carousers know? They smoke, drink, fornicate, smash up cars in Manhattan.. But uh-uh. Not for us unwashed and unprivileged. Shut up and take what you can get. The poor and disinherited, be it Ethiopia or now even Canada..
"And what has the U.N. really ever done for world poverty? It is the NGO's, the Bonos, he non-goverment organizaions that are doing all the heavy lifting, and thank God for them. The U. N. seems to be good at ephemera, at bullshit.
"Got us all to quit smoking, it was the one thing they could do right while people prostitute themselves for a meal, a smoke or a drink in polically correct Canada.
The war in Afghanistan. And the war on human nature.

"A substratum of opium, human trafficking, organized crime seems to permeate all governments, even the U.N.
And governments are somehow part of an unholy union. United Nations? It is corrupt, compromised and nearly depraved.
The rot affects all.
And we in York Region, convinced that our affluence and comfort will never be threatened--look out.
The poor are starting to gather at your gates. And oddly, they are now multinational. Immigrants get f*cked over. Land of milk, soggy oil and honey. Canada needs a wakeup call.

I hand over the microphone. Strangely, to applause.



ea monroe said...

Ivan, good for you for making the "dignitaries" squirm! I put you right up there with Bono and Sean Penn!

U2 and the Blackeye Peas are playing in Norman, OK tonight. Fly on down!


benjibopper said...

like bono except unlike him the quality of your product has not declined.

wish i'd been there to hear this one aloud.

ivan said...

Hi Liz,

Thanks for the compliment.

Your comment came in double, here and in email. So I aswered the email comment not realizing you'd be over here too.
Sean Penn? Holy cow. We really missed something here in Ontario, Canada.

ivan said...

Thanks, Benji.

I'm sure you must have given a speech or two on Halifax's need for a cleanup, and I'd like to have heard those, though there's lots of your ecology stuff now on the web.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like an interesting talk indeed. far more revolutionary than mine at the LA book fest

ivan said...

Thanks, Charles.

The Louisiana Book Festival, held on the Capitol grounds in Baton Rouge is a big deal for authors. I had been reading prose from someone from the South here who used to write in Toronto,one William Bently Mays. Wow.
Who in Canada wouldn't want to be a Southern writer?
...Or to have been to the Louisiana Book festival just past?

Charles Gramlich, featured as a writer. Great stuff!

Midnight said...

This point has been brought up many times, but it needs to be brought up again and again.
And Thank You for bringing it up again:

How can there be so much poverty and suffering, in such a great Country as this?

ivan said...


Midnight said...

Ivan, I have always believed that sometimes, the Universe gives you exactly what you need. So, if I may be so bold, and temporarily channel the Gods, they would say:

Get back into the game; you've waited long enough; call in old favours, if any, and get yourself back into the sphere of Canadian media relevance:

If you've got it in you, it is time to share it with a wider audience.

If not, then I will phone you in the near future, and suggest that we drink together, in order to alleviate boredom on other peoples behalf.

Fortune favours the Bold.

ivan said...


I am swamped by telemarketers. I hardl ever answer my phone.

Midnight said...

Fine. I'll just toss bottles of whiskey onto your lawn, should I ever drive by. :)

Please don't cut your grass too short, in order to absorb potential impact, and to deaden the bounce; thereby lessening neighbour suspicion (er, further neighbour suspicion).

Out of respect, if you prefer, I will fire off a flare everytime I drive by; it will just confuse everyone, except for you, who will know it is time to drink to the Gods.

Mona said...

What else is politics! Its a disease. Man has suffered many diseases and he has not been aware that they have been diseases. He has been punishing small criminals and worshiping great criminals. Alexander the great was a murderer, Adolf Hitler was a barbarian. Napoleon Bonaparte, Ivan the terrible ( not you) , Nadir Shah, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, have all been mass scale criminals.

Politics is not needed. its really out of date. It was needed when the nations were continuously fighting. Boundary lines makes Government power hungry & competitive. Government should only be functional. Boundary lines should be dissolved since its only with the disappearance of nations that the disappearance of politics can come. Its only then that there will remain a functional organization that will take care.And that too, in such an organization, the charge should be rotatory , for not more than six months to each.

I guess it is simply the poverty of intelligence that makes people choose same people over & over again as their rulers .I hope that the America that chose Bush is listening!

( I am a big mouth too!)

Midnight said...

Mona, if I may humbly suggest, what you profess is the future.

When I look upon the last three hundred years of history (for example), and compare and perhaps sinew into the future, I can't imagine that there is not a glimpse of solution to the problems of today. It may (as it usually seems to) take longer than we imagine, but that will be the result of a final decision, reached simultaneously by people who have finally had enough, of what they see before them. Though I'm afraid, action, as always, will not be taken until, and or if, the general populace feels the pain. Which may be never. Nevertheless, one hopes that the evolution of the human mind and consciousness, will soon envelope a greater sympathy, for those less fortunate.

the walking man said...

You know my feelings old man. It is now time for the artist to stand up and speak aloud our thoughts to try one final time to stem the tide that is enslaving us.

benjibopper said...

Recently I ranted about the harbour for a documentary, which was nerve-wracking. It's so much easier in writing. At least until you get warmed up to your task.

ivan said...


If my old Triniy College notes are correct, you may be speaking of Kleishenes the Tyrant and his politics--as if he were alive today....But he did initiate reforms, including redistribution of property and availability of food for the hoi-polloi. But egad. It was 700 B.C.--Or B.C.E. as the hippies now put it.
Anyway Keleisthenes came after a long, long dark age and somebody had to do the heavy lifting and redestributing after a series of really acquisitive asshole aristos.
But much later came Plato and his Politics...And nobody listened. And in Medieval and modern times, came the monsters you describe.
Seems that only Masonic America listened to Plato and his Democracy, the U. S. and the French as well.
Democracy at times seems to me the worst political system, and now (I swear) with Obama, it might be the best.
Hope. Even Dan Brown ends his book that way. Hope.

ivan said...


There must be some reason why we old typists start the day with "Now is the time for.."

ivan said...


Yeah. I got it out of your email.

It was great.

Politically correct Canada allowing the great iconic city of Halifax to flush all of its untreated sewage and shit directly into the Atlantic Ocean. No wonder the fisheries are f*cked in Atlantic Canada. It's not just overfishing.

Good work, Benji.

Lorne S. Marr said...

Politically correct my ass, anyone who thinks this country treats everyone equally is blinded with stupidity or just never left his/her house. Great post, Ivan ;) Check out my article on how brokers are paid if you like. Maybe you'll find it interesting :)

Take care, Lorne

ivan said...

Thanks, Lorne S. Marr.

Congratulaions re getting on CityTV
with your insurance advice.

Anonymous said...

Found on the web:

People are inherently greedy. That's why capitalism is by far the least evil way for societies to organize because "points" in this game are measured by dollars and greed, something we can all clearly understand.

All of the communist/socialist systems pretend that they are for the "good" of something; society, people, the environment, justice, women, children and the poor. Of course, in EVERY case throughout history it has turned out that this was used as a cover for rampant greed, corruption, injustice and indifference among the ruling classes.

Money is the root of all evil and this will always be the case. Capitalism works because it recognizes that this is a primary motivator and levels the playing field in terms of being able to figure out what motivates your supporters and competitors. It dispenses with the pathetic bed-wetting left and the rest of the "do good'rs from hell" who are at least an order of magnitude more corrupt, greedy and deceitful than the good old capitalists.

It's easy to measure money. It is almost impossible to measure "good".

People on the left are naive and self-destructive. The leftist ruling class is pure evil. Those who vote for this are hopeless, unintelligent, gullible fools who are prone to holding hands and singing in the face of real threats.

I welcome a response from our leftist posters. I look forward to seeing you defend and promote the world's most plentiful source of evil.

ivan said...


So it's better to be run by an exotic third-rail government that dooesn't give a hoot for Canada or the U.S and its people, and if you donlt like it, we'll frigging well nuke ya.
Get some realpolitic.

Mona said...

Ivan , I agree about Democracy being both the best and the worst. It all depends upon the people who are choosing their leader, because in Democracy, ppl get exactly the kind of government that they deserve, since they are the makers...

Hope has and will keep us alive!


ivan said...

Bouquet of brackets, Mona. (((( ))))

Anonymous said...


More than 173 Million People Gather at "Stand Up, Take Action, End Poverty Now!" events, setting new world record for largest mobilization in history

A Guinness World Record shattered this weekend when 173,045,325 citizens gathered at over 3,000 events in more than 120 countries, demanding that their governments eradicate extreme poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). "Stand Up, Take Action, End Poverty Now!", now in its fourth year, has been certified by Guinness World Records as the largest mobilization of human beings in recorded history, an increase of about 57 million people over last year.

"The more than 173 million people who mobilized this weekend sent a clear message to world leaders that there is massive, universal, global demand for eradicating poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals," said Salil Shetty, Director of the United Nations Millennium Campaign. "In particular, we have seen citizens determined to show their governments that they will hold them accountable for keeping their promises to end hunger, improve maternal health and abolish trade-distorting agricultural subsidies. They will not accept excuses for breaking promises to the world's poorest and most vulnerable people, who have already been hardest hit by the global food, economic and climate crises they had no role in causing."

In Asia more than 100 million people participated (101,106,845); in Africa more than 37 million people participated (37,848,412); in the Arab region more than 31 million people participated (31,394,459); in Europe more than 2 million people participated (2,102,121); in Latin America more than 200,000 people participated (229,371); in North America nearly 200,000 people participated (191,535); and in Oceania more than 170,000 people participated (172,582).

"Stand Up is proven to be a growing global mobilization...

--Tom Pearson
Co-ordinator PACC, Newmarket ON

ivan said...

Thanks, Tom.

HTML link wouldn't let me get all the info in. Millions in Africa standing up as well.
Well, I guess one way to make the
Guiness World Record is to be a part of something. When Stand Up wins, we all win. And hopefully improve the godawful world povety situation.

TomCat said...

Keep at them, Ivan. First civility degenerates to a point where it is form only. Then it disappears altogether. Consider the US right wing.

ivan said...



Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Exceptional Ivan. This was most Excellent. I would love to see this printed here as well, as we are living proof that we are all living in the same human race being ridiculed and looked down upon if you are of little or no money.

Perhaps if every person that felt the same way you do banned together, we might actually make a change.

Soft love,

ivan said...

Thanks, Tara.

It looks like it did work, in numbers of people coming out worldwide.
Hope it adds to the good.

JR's Thumbprints said...

I thought I was attending a Dixie Chicks concert for a minute. Came to hear the music and got a lecture.

Attaboy Ivan.

ivan said...


Funny thing. The singers and musicians came on just after my speech...Maybe I should have spoken after the rock performance.
...Like many another romantic, I always seem to hear more than the band is actually playing.
I could have done a Paris Hilton and just said, "It's hot."

ivan said...

PS ro JR:

Well, we had some good match bands there. Viz,

Feature Entertainment includes – Schtik Jagger, Guitarist Freedom Chuck, Single Mom and former street performer singer Brenda Bakos, Singer Stephanie Rudd, Youth Singer Gregory Carbis, “Spotlight Theatre’ present scenes from R.E.N.T., Singer / guitar Johnny Ellis from the band ‘Clean Fill Wanted”, Craig Machlachlan Canada’s ‘marijuana comic” tackles poverty, original poverty inspired works by Singer/songwriter writer Fred Joly & Youth Singer/songwriter sensation Kelly Moniz …. and …YOU!.

Who me?

Yep. I was there.
They even had me, almost in a footnote:
Newmarket Mayor Tony Van Bynen, author Ivan Prokopchuk and more. ... from 1 to 5 p.m. on Oct. 17

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Michael Koerner once again. Thanks for allowing me into your web space once again.

Thought for Today:

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ivan said...

Ah, The Royal Canadian Air Force.

How I miss he camaraderie.

Jo said...

Ivan, you need to move to British Columbia. Folks (*cough* refugees) drift in here from foreign countries on rusty old boats, and within a year they are buying their own home. I kid you not...! I don't know what is going on in Ontario, but in British Columbia I am now in a minority. And I had better darn well be nice to those (*cough*) immigrants, because in a very short time they will be my employer and my landlord. Come to think of it, my landlord does live in Jamaica. He came here from China and he now owns property all over Vancouver.

Canadians are the ones who are suffering.

If my comment sounds politically incorrect, well ... it's the truth.

ivan said...


Ah there might be a crack in your armor. (I have thrown away my thesaurus).

You're confusing style with content.
I have never been known to be politically correct, even in content, else why do I starve all the time?
Government and Canadian literature are politically correct.
Maybe that's why I get kicked out of both all the time.
Actually, I can't for the life of me understand why we have 200,000 immigrants forcibly thrust on us by poliitally correct parliamentarians every year.
Here is how they rationalize it:

One birth every 1 minute and 27 seconds
One death every 2 minutes and 13 seconds
A net migration gain of one person every 2 minutes and 1 second.

This is a tough go for a population of only 26 million.
Denmark is already sick of it and says so, and certainly Holland. Britain will probably be next.
And yet and yet, try for a job as a doctor in Ontario if your first name is Mohammed. Up until recently the standing joke in Newmarket, Ontario was "Put clear plastic around your garbage so the Pakistanis can go window shopping."
Not any more. If anything, we are starting to "window shop" ourselves. My boss' name in the furniture shop is Mohammed. And I've been "window shopping" myself for quite a few years. Read my columns.
But read them for style. The content is just coincidental

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