Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Ah, the good old days, when E.A. Monroe looked like a teenage queen in Oklahoma, and in Ontario, I thought I was Elvis.


TomCat said...

Is that EA? Dang! Talk about gorgeous!

Charles Gramlich said...

Hope you have a good thanksgiving day.

ivan said...

Yes. Her Senior's photo in high school. She'll proably kill me for posting it again. But yeah. Drop dead gorgeous! And now a writer.

ivan said...

Thanks Charles.
And Lana is an old Canuck.

ivan said...

...Seems not only TomCat is struck with E.A's beauty.

Someone in Russia picked up my blog and he tramslates:

Monday, October 12, 2009 Понедельник, 12 октября 2009
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! С Днем благодарения канадский!

Ah, the good old days, when EA Monroe looked like a teenage queen in Oklahoma, and in Ontario, I thought I was Elvis. Ах, старые добрые времена, когда Е. А. Монро похожа Teenage Queen в Оклахоме, и в провинции Онтарио, я думала, Элвис

Seems even the Muscovites are taking off their shapkas to E.A.

Jo said...

Our Liz looks like a movie star!

You, too, Ivan. Elvis looks like you. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving.

ivan said...

Hi Jo,
Stuffed with lamb over here...Woke up too late to buy the turkey. But they'll be dirt cheap tomorrow, and I can really tuck in.

ea monroe said...

Happy Canadian Turkey Day, Ivan and Josie!

Ivan, you're so naughty! ;-)

We were Teenage Troll Girls who drove the unfortunate Mrs. Beasley, the Home Ec teacher, insane.


ivan said...

Hi Liz,
Yeah, poor Mrs. Beasley.

I kinda like the Russian for E. A. Monroe:

Е. А. Монро.

And then they add:
похожа Teenage Queen в Оклахоме, и в провинции Онтарио.
Оклахомa is Oklahoma in Russian.

And you just got a hit on your short story from Nunavut, Canada.

What would your name be in Inuit, to be politically correct?
Eskimos say "Chimo"when they drink.


the walking man said...

Some wine ages well and other simply turns to vinegar. Here's to the salad days old man.

ivan said...

I guess sometimes it's the Whine of the Ancient Mariner here.
But there's really nothing wrong with us that a couple of hundred housand dollars couldn't fix. :)

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