Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"You are teaching them about the Gracchi Brothers? Gad. You are bad enough to be teaching at the University of Toronto, not Flintstone University..

Listen up now. This is the Hunk who somehow found a back door into Toronto's premier Trinity College, where all the teachers and the budding politicians go. It is like high shool, but three times as hard.

So I only drew a 63.

Heh, I chortled. Polish mark. My foreman at the construction site, himself a Pole, said, "That's what we get. The Polish mark. Sixty three per cent."

I had put my hand up quite often in class. Already a graduate of Ryerson Polytech in Toronto, I felt I had things to say.

The professor, British through and through, ignored my question. "You know, Canada has this way of absorbing all this foreign riff-raff who couldn't make it in their own country."

I countered that he himself didn't exactly sound as if he came from East Jesus, Ontario.

That did it. Sixty three per cent, though he had earlier apologized to me in class, saying that racial prejudice was always negative and led to negative consequences. That, I must admit was big of him since tha escutcheon of University of Toronto tree was so wasp-ridden it may as well have been a hive.

But no more. Now it's more like a rainbow. And I grow more conservative and wasp- like.More like Oxford now. "Many of our fine Brtish boys were not born here." But Trinity College still somehow remains British. It teaches Classics, and you need an A to stay on top. I got the Polish mark. Heh. But I had sneaked in the back door by way of the technical university where all the "Polish" guys had to go. I had made Varsity.

Hey, just like in the movies. Go Notre Dame!

But on this day we were studying politics

Tiberius and Gaius Sempronius Gracchus of about 140 B.C, (Or B.C.E as the hippies now say).

The Gracchi brothers were so much like the Kennedys and were offed in pretty well the same way, but by senate chair legs and and by drowning. "No tribune should fight for the poor, the minorities or land reform. You're gonna cause Rome to fall." The senator could have added, "Motherf*cker!" The senators killed the Gracchi brothers. Violently. Like the Kennedys.

I would be really interested in what the students at Trinity are now saying about the Gracchi. Aparently in the U.K, if the Gracchi were seen as liberators, the country would go left in the next election. If perceived as conservatives, the country would go Tory.

Well, our New Democrats in Canada are making some headway, by inches, but headway nevertheless against the minority Conservatives. Liberals seem lost in a funk....I'm really wondering what they're saying at old Trinity and along its Philosopher's Walk.

The country will probably remain Conservative, and all the worse for Canada, for it strikes me that the New Democratic Party is the only way to go in this recession and time of war. So call me a Commie...So was Uncle Tommy.

I weep for Fort Hood in Texas.

And the resemblance of Barack Obama to Gaius Gracchus.

So far, no Senator has raised a chair leg. But they have their ways.



Donnetta Lee said...

Ivan: I haven't been visiting the blogs lately as I've been stuck in Florida. Imagine my surprise when I dropped in here and saw Mama!

Mourning over the Ft. Hood loss here as well. One of the young people was a young man from Norman where Liz lives.

No sense to this world, it seems. Why? D

ivan said...

Hi Donnetta. And welcome back to OK, your neck of the woods.

Hm. I have seen pictures of your mother when she was still young...Come to think of it, "Cleo" does look like she.

Erik Donald France said...

Excellent, Ivan. Thoroughly enjoy your insights and observations.

Nice weaving in of the Kennedys, by the way.

ivan said...

Why, thank you Sir!

Charles Gramlich said...

They may not have raised chair legs but they've raised verbal hell with a lot of lies and distortions.

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ivan said...

Yes. An apt simile, Charles.

the walking man said...

As long as I can think for myself I have two words for the Senate and their leg humping ways...Fuck 'em.

ivan said...

You and Mark Twain, though he just called them dunces.

TomCat said...

Ivan, it has often confused me how Canadian liberals seem anything but, and were I Canadian, I would undoubtedly favor the NDP. Considering the Gracchi and the hatred being pushed by the Republican leadership, I hope Obama pays close attention to his personal security detail.

ivan said...


Agreed on all points.

Anonymous said...

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ivan said...

Sorry, pal.

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