Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Phoenix. A 55 word poem for Galen, or G-man on his blog...Galen loves 55's but is ailing today. Get well Galen. My poem migh act as an emetic .

Dunno what's up with me.

Dunno what's up with Galen, or "G-man" as he is known on his blog that features 55 word pieces. He is sick this weekend, I am told.
Hold up, old man!
Not too good over here either.
I woke up this morning with my entire left side seized up.
And the old ticker is going thud, thud, thud. Very likely psychosomatic. I haven't had a drink in a while.

Love that old joke about heart attacks:

Death is nature's way of slowing you down.

I am slowing down. Blogger Galen is slowing down My apartment's a mess. The centre does not seem to hold. My penis droops. Creativity is low...Have to conjure, have to augur.
I am rolling stiff socks around my parquet floor,conjuring, auguring hoping to compose a Flash 55 for Galenwho is the local judge and abitrer of these things.

Best I can do is recycle a recent poem of mine, paring it down to 55 words. But I can't count. Oh well, here goes.


At first they tried to starve the phoenix.
He meandered from field to field, picking plucking, thinking.
They finally tethered the phoenix.
Fed him rocks and gruel.
Called him French Canadian. Called him woodpecker. Bash de face against de tree
They finally tethered him. He became spavined. Molted.
Till one day the flash.

(Is that a 55?) Only Galen knows and I hope he takes a gander here. Gander? Well, no. I'm trying to put up a Phoenix Pfiffty Ffive..



Janna said...

LOL! I like it!
Especially the part about calling him French Canadian. :)

Thanks for doing Friday 55 this week.

Mine's ready too... right here.

Erik Donald France said...

Hold up, indeed! Salud, man'

Spavined makes a return, flippin' like a double nickle!

ivan said...

Thanks, Erik.

...A little like Canadian sardines of late. They appear to be herring.

Feesh, she is flippin huge!

ivan said...



I checked your 55. Delightful. And nice twist!

Hootin' Anni said...

Terrific....the "Flash" is quite catchy since it's flash a sense. Good job.

My 55 is all the "F WORDS" this week. Here it is...don't be alarmed me

the walking man said...

As long as your right hand is not seized up your penis need not droop.

Brian Miller said...

nice 55. with a flash! lol. hope you have an amazing day.

my 55 is up!

ivan said...

Mark, the Walking Man.

Hey, tht's an enrerly novel concept.
Makes me, in my own odd way think of James Taylor's song The Handy Man. "Hey girls gather 'round.."
Hoo Hah!

Mona said...


Does G man know that you wrote this?

You must go & tell him!his link is on my blog!

Don't worry if the center cannot hold. The second coming is near....

ivan said...

Thanks, Mona.

I'd better do it right.

Ah well. Some of Galen's contributors are leaving notes over here.

I do believe in Santa Claus.

In college I got into a lot of trouble as a campus newspaper editor by urging, "Bring Christ back to Halloween." I guess I thought I was editing the National Lampoon! Mea Culpa.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've been feeling a bit sickosomatic lately myself.

Enjoyed the poem.

Donnetta Lee said...

Ivan: But the phoenix ALWAYS rises again. Also penises, I supposed. Well, the phoenix will. At least his liver wasn't eaten away. So it's okay to have a stiff one--drink, I mean. Here's to your health (and Galen's). D

G-Man said...

Sir Ivan I presume?

Your arrival and contribution has truely made this day special.
Thank You so much...

Excellent 55 My Friend. I hope that this just wasn't a whim. A story from you every week would be delightful and a GREAT Honor!

Thank You for this Perfect contribution, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...Galen

ivan said...


You would think me a saucy fellow.

I am going to India to learn rope tricks. :)

ivan said...

Thanks Charles.

As old Willie S. would have said, you should burnish up old stuff if you have to. I have.

ivan said...


I hope you feel better soon, and thanks!

(Blush). On the 55. Oh we try, we really try. Will try again.

And thanks for the gracious note.

Anonymous said...

ashes to's only gravity y'all are fencing with...okee, okee...I'm de guy dat ate dat liver en de logg ingcamp...pas de loin...c'est plus domage...mais,never touch dat woodpecker, pre'fere le grande challenge,c'est ca...son of a gun,we have good time,on de bayou...

JR's Thumbprints said...

What is all this talk about drooping? In the Big House the crazies use those sippy straws from their juice boxes as scaffolding.

ivan said...


Get me a pirogue, me. Go oisou-watching. Find alligator.
Taste like chicken. Get the shotgun.

ivan said...


Oh that Puff the Magic Dragon!

A parady on the song goes, "And stuffed his bum with sealing wax and other fancy stuff."

TomCat said...

I have no idea what you're doing, but it sounds good.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


De game she is called "Friday Flash 55", where bloggers are asked to compose something using only 55 words.

Then they put if up the composition on their blogs and Galen, according to his stated mandate, visits the blog where the 55er has been put up and comments on it in eeach particular blogger's comment space.

...So I had put up my 55 word poem and Galen has, down there in the comment space--commented on it.

Clear as mud?


Devin said...

ivan -i like this a lot and feel utterly stupid for not "grokking" what a 55 is until I read the top-sheesh-i truly hope this is just insomnia and not early Alzheimers!
I hope Galen will be all right -and I am sure he will appreciate this -I also feel kinda stupid saying this as I don't know him-but I have no reason not to wish him well-and you also!
all the best to you!! said...

Connecting problems here.

Get back to you when fixed. said...


Durn gracious of you and thanks.

I think Galen has recovered--at least to the time of his next examination. I have recovered, but my competer is now full of spam and virus. Heh. De Debbil missed me and hit my computer: :)

Anonymous said...

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