Sunday, January 03, 2010

Writing a novel? An ugly little novel? Lightnin' Hopkins could do it more lyrically in twelve bars

They say it's snowin' in New York City.
All kinds of people can't get out the door..."
--Lightnin' Hopkins.

Well, this ain't New York city and po Lighnin is dead, but Dagwood Bumstead can't get out the door this morning for the blizzard and bone chill.
January. Janus.Two faced god of change.

Making the scene with the porn queen. Dagwood isn't very impressed with himself this morning.

Better (worse?) time behind? This Tom Waits scene is no good. Making the scene with tha magazine.
There had been a date, but Dagwood chickened out for the drive to Toronto. Faint heart does not win fair lady.
Playboy in the snow.
Dagwood dreams.

Thirty-three years ago, on a bright January day, Dagwood Bumstead, suburban college prof, took his suitcase and typewriter to Pearson International airport to go off to Mexico to write the great Canadian novel.
Should have stayed home.
Sam (Lightni') Hopkins did it better in 12-bar blues:

Back Door Friend
by Sam "Lightnin' " Hopkins

What you gonna do with a woman, yeah, when she got a back do' friend?
What are you gonna do with a woman, yes, when she got a back do' friend?
She just prayin' for you to move out, so her back do' friend can move in
Yes, it's hard to love a woman, yes, you know she got a back do' friend
Yes, it's hard to love a woman, oh Lord, yes, you know she got a back do' friend
Yes, when she prayin' for you to move out, so her back do' friend can move in
Yeah, you know I bought that woman a diamond ring, I thought that she would change
I went home one morn' and I caught her doin', whoa, that same old thing
Now what you gonna do with a mad woman, oh, when she got a back do' friend
When she prayin' all the time for you to move out, so her back do' friend, he can move in

Po' Dagwood Bumstead had no idea.
He thought it was a one-way thing that he did.
In Mexico, there was a back door friend of his own.
Soap opera.
Seems so trite and shallow on the surface, so middle class, so well dressed and coiffed all, save for the horrible adulteries going on all around.

So it wouldn't have been better to stay home and write--or try to write, since one is white and Honkies don't do blues very well--a 12 bar blues instead of Bumstead's suburban soap opera.

Odysseus comes home. And the suitors have taken over.
Der bad tag, Dag.

Homer wrote the worldls first novel, flashback and all.
And Dagwood lost one ball.
Including novel with one flashback.

Oh po Lightnin'
Po Bumstead.
Jack and Jill went up the hill.
And Bumstead tumbling down.



Anonymous said...


the walking man said...

ha ha ha ha Anonymous got the first word in.

back do' man buy de diamond too knowing that the do' swings back and foth tween him and you.

Anonymous said...

bin to hunnerds o' bars...still doin' blues in ma mind...yo' 12 bars dey got plenty blues walkin' down dat railroad track,you be 500 miles to play those 12 bars of your own,bro''s your lead...mary lou,she took my diamond ring...took my watch and chain...the way she took my money was a cryin' shame...

ps...time to track down anonymous asian carp and put a dam in their creek... said...


I think anonymous is on a Chinese scale. But you can borrow from Charlie Chan. If you listen to Sting doing "That's All", an old Police song, you can immediately tell there was a chink in his armor of composition. He stole that traditional Chinese (Balinese) song whole from intro to coda.
Anyway the Police broke up, saying among other things, "I don't want to work for that nervouls Poofta."

And yes, Mark,

back do' man buy de diamond too knowing that the do' swings back and foth tween him and you.

Sho' make it hard.
They do po' Lightnin' wrong. said...

Anonymous # 2 (Tony):

Yeah, Ronnie Hawkins!

Remember Blind Lemon Jefferson?

Or, with tongue well- out- of Cheech, Blind Melon Chitlin?

Blind Melon took my woman.

Country Joe fishin' in my pond.
Gwine break his rod. said...

Mark and Tony:

Is Anonymous Chan reading my blog?

This just came in on RSS on anothr blog of mine:

Your pole will be strengthened!

...Well, that's good news for this old "Pole".

Anonymous said...

now you're reading fortune cookies...ain't no blues in there... said...

When the frost is on the pumpkin

Ain't not time for Pole vaultin'.

Anonymous said...

when I had problems with my pole,"I took my troubles down to madame Roo"...ah,love potion #9...lightning in a bottle...stirred,not I soon be de back door man...the sky is cryin'...

ivan@c said...

Dunno, Tony,

I found this on the internet and I can't play it because I seem to have ralphed my cookies. Anyway, here is how th CD is described and what happens in it:

Play Play ... They taught me how to make reeds out of bamboo, and I traded them
some clothes for a snake charming horn. ...


Never trust a naked snake charmer, especially if he's on viagra--and even the snake too?

Anonymous said...

once bitten,totally screwed... said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

benjibopper said...

Those songwriters always have us beat, what with their instraments and heartfelt wailing. We don't stand a chance. said...

Looks that way, Benji.

We might have to pick up a guitar.
Try to by Leonard Cohen? Well,he did it!

Erik Donald France said...

Man, I'm getting the chills because I just also mentioned -- Lightnin' Hopkins -- CHILLS!

Have you seen that way cool film, The Blues According to Lightnin' Hopkins?

Mona said...

To join the banter: she took my silver spurs , a dollar and a dime & left me craving for more summer wine...

I do not know whether that fits or not, but that is the only vaguely fitting song with here that I know...

Blondie had a back door friend???? I had no idea...

(aside) : why are these Cancerians ALL the same??? said...


My dear,dear friend.

I have offered condolences on your blog. We all know what happened to you and we are so sorry.

As for my current blog, yes, it could touch on Summer Wine or even Arkansas-born Ronnie Hawkins, who sang, famously,
"Mary Lou
She took my diamon ring
Mary Lou
She took my watch and chain
Mary Lou
She took the key to my Cadillac car
....Julmped in my Caddy and she drove afar."

Ah love, obsession, loss.

As for Cancers, they are everywhere, even in Russia.(Especially in Russia? They are mad! Some Russian cat wrote into an old blog of mine that was somehow unexpectedly translated into Russian. She says,

Ааааа, ну сколько можно уже встречать этого тигра!? Уже как-то поднадоели эти праздники, наверное на самом деле нужно было куда-нибудь ехать, а не валять дурака все 10 дней. Уже просто не знаю чем себя занять - дома прибралась, отмыла и отчистила всё что только можно, встретили всей толпой Хэппи Нью Еар, отошли от его отмечания, доели и допили всё, что осталось от новогодней пьян.. ночи :) Отошли от доедания и допивания, выбрались на природу, на шашлыки, покатались на коньках, сходили в боулинг, в кинотеатре поглядели фильм Шерлок Холмс, покатались с горок на ватрушках, в гостях у мамы побывала. Сегодня утром проснулась и поняла, что впереди ещё пять дней отдыха. Чем заняться ещё, уже ума не приложу. Кто вообще чем занимается в затянувшийся уикэнд, поделитесь со мной идеями.
ЗЫ И правда говорят, что десять дней отдыха - это удар, но не только по экономике страны, но и про нам самим)))

Says she goes crazy for ten days at a time. Yep.
EE ya takozh! said...

Erik Donals France,

I guess we get on the same frequency from time to time.
No, I haven't had the thrill of seeing a Lighnin' Hopkins documentary, though I just saw one on Oklahoma born J. J. Cale, a white guy and he can rock it as well. (He wrote Cocaine for Eric Clapton among oher hits).
J. J. Cale is exactly as old as I am, which is very!. These old guy could and can rock it unto the grave.

Mona said...

Whatever she said was obviously beyond me....

About my place in the scheme of Cancers, all I can say is that until recent past I was sandwiched, now I am pushed (from just one side...) said...

I think I understand, Mona.

As for the cyrillic Russian script, I first thought it was a serious comment, about going out at Chrismas, about a ten- day manic period, but on a second translation it is just gibberish, Russian spam.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Last Anonymous,
(камням изакидать)

You'd throw rocks at me from Moscow?

Hell, they're throwing rocks at me in Toronto!

In Roman from Cyrillic:

Tut meni takozh kamiany iskydayut. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Без перевода.

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