Sunday, February 14, 2010

Would you believe I once dated the Gidget girl on the right, Betty Conner?...Now I'm the middle aged lothario on the right.

Ah the joy of paparazzo.

Nowadays I'm like "Clark Bent" out of MAD magazine. Superman no more.
Barfly at singles bar, hobbling from spittoon to spittoon.
...Get backhanders from beautiful women, with their talk balloons, "CREEP!"
Gotta get the old 35mm out.
Used to be paparazzo.
Now just an old azzo.
Foxy chicks. Gotta photograph. Gotta get.
But all I get is "CREEP!"

But happy Valentine's Day everybody.



Mona said...

Happy Valentine's day to everybody...Ok, I head Hank Willam just now. & I really do like country music too :). Faith Hill, I like! said...

Hi Mona.

Yeah, I just had to point out that song by Hank Williams to you.

Yeah. Faith Hill. And from My generation, Emmy Lou Harris. Loved it when Faith Hill did a duet with Cheryl Crow, about love, on one of the past Grammys awards.
Happy Valentine's Day to you, Mona.

Erik Donald France said...

Wicked, man. Happy TET! You've already got St. Val's Day well under control. . . said...

Erik Donald France,

Wonderful conjunction that TET should fall on Valentines day.

Yep. Chinese New Year. Year of the Metal Tiger.

Lets hope our Canadian Tigers get some Metal here in Vancouver...We are generally pussycats.

the walking man said...

Psssst...Ivan want a hint? c'mere so's I cn whisper...grow a beard. said...


Well, yeah I can do that.

But here in advanced middle age, not only do I write bad poetry, but I'm starting to grow breasties!

Maybe I should go down Toronto's Yonge Street and start trolling!

TomCat said...

Poor Ivan. Nobody wanted a used TomCat either. :-( said...

"Cats on the rooftops
Cats on the tiles.." said...

"Now old (Lois Lane?) had troubles of her own
Had an old yaller cat who wouldn't leave home..." said...


I am terrible with mechanical things. My printer has broken down.

I had meant to print the following and paste it up on my apartment bulletin board.

Now I'll have to go the embarrassing way and print the note and leave it up for just a day till I get the Newmarket Public Library to copy it.


Founders Place Residents--
More notes from your friendly neibourhood author:

Just as my sales of my book, Light Over Newmarket had stopped, there is suddenly a new light over Newmarket as they have set up a tall arc light atop the other tall Seniors building to illuminate the James Bond movie they are making on Main Street. Well, they are making a movie but I have written a book
Strange synchronicity?

Anyway, the movie is one thing, and my book is another.
(Maybe I can flog it to them?)

In any event, my book has stopped selling.

Put me out of my misery and buy the last copy of Light Over Newmarket. It has been reduced to $1.65 (cheap) at the Neighbourhood Variety on Main Street, Newmarket, just next to the Bank of Montreal, at Timothy and Main.

The book has to move or the vendor will not take any more.

Your eternally famished author,

Ivan Prokopchuk #304
Founders Place
540 Timothy Street
Newmaket, Ontario

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