Thursday, February 11, 2010

T.D. places his last bet

On the night Tee Dee died, the government, who owns the casinos, was still running one or another kind of billboard anti-gambling campaign.
The last time I had a drink with Tee Dee, we'd both surrendered our paycheques to the jockeys at Toronto's Woodbine Racetrack.
Back in Newmarket, barkeep Vince had somehow agreed to let us keep a tab.
"Ivan. We have become on-the-tab winos. What's wrong with us?"
I'd had some university and pulled a Quote out of Ruskin:

"Things are in the saddle and they ride mankind."
"That is friggin' profound," said Tee Dee. That's exactly what happened to us. We, runts of the litter who want to be Donald Trump... Where'd you get the quote?"
"Ruskin. English critic. 19th century. Doctor of Literature."
"Well, I hope he can doctor your literature. You haven't made a cent in your writing in ten years. And you play the ponies."
Ah. Sportin' life.
Damon Runyon: All horse players die broke.

Tee Dee placed his last bet last week. He bet all his paycheque at the chemical company on the favourite.
He died quietly at home.
Sure going to miss him at the online bet bar.


Middle Ditch said...

Aw, so sorry Ivan. I will have a drink on Tee Dee tonight. Only wine but I will cheer him. said...

Hi Monique.

It will cheeer him for sure.
Seems he is still at the bar, among mounds of bet stubs, placing fifty dollars on Charger.

Mona said...

Yea, when it comes to the turf club, its the car that drives us, & not vice versa :) said...

Hi Mona!

Welcome back.

the walking man said...

Irony would be the horse he bet on winning the last race after he passed. Bummer old man. said...

Irony indeed, Mark.

I think he scored that day.

TomCat said...

Ivan, I'm so sorry. I recently lost a very close onlibe friend, so I understand. said...

Yeah, TomCat.

No matter how you felt about all those friends and acquaintances, they still seem to walk the earth after they're gone,bumping up against your consciosness all the while till you take some action to defuse the ghost.They seem to want this, a kind of closure.

TomCat said...

I hear you. My closure was his memorial in my sidebar. I trust I shall see him again.

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