Monday, June 28, 2010

Porca Madonna! Build, baby, build!

I gave up politics when I'd check the phases of the moon
before campagning. Never campaign on a full moon! Gnotis sauton, says Socrates Know thyself. I mean, be realistic.
Know thyself for a madman-- and a politician can't be friggin' crazy. Neither can a teacher be batshit.. So I had to be a writer.
A writer is a person who writes.
But you can't just write into a vacuum, or all of it going into your drawer... Or drawers?

Writing has for you has to become a social act, or you're just one of those "precious" people, you know tht type, the tarot cards, the I-Ching, the black leotards, the ouija board. Occasional Goth... The unskilled guitar player. The black stockinged "chess broad" of the coffee house Fifties, where are they now?

So you can't just write into a box.
Sometimes I think even online writing is a little bit like masturbation. Feels good, but it's damn lonely, old Jerry Rubin notwithstanding. "If it feel good, do it." Well, forty years later, it seems that this was all he and Abbie Hoffman were good for. What did the Yippie-Dippies actually accomplish? More wars and more ideas for the fashion industry.
So, to borrow a phase from that generation (my generation?) one has to get ones shit together.

Ya gotta start. Start making your writing into a social act.
Start anywhere. Start where you stand.

In my case, it is right here in Newmarket Ontario.

So like any Canadian, usually wimpy, I will sally forth into
definite creative act. Heh. I will write a lettor to the editor!

Bigod, I have hidden talent and I want to write!
But writing and gettin published are two different things.

You must publish, or perish--publish anything anywhere.

Start with your local newspaper. Pick an issue and comment on it.
Break the mold of being unpublished. At least if they publish your letter, fifty thousand people are going to read it in the area paper.

Find an infomation hole and fill it. People get tired of reading about movie and rock stars. There is a real world out there! And that real world is one of something oily and corporate having encrusted itself onto you soul.

But start right here in your town, where you stand.

What is the biggest problem around here, right here where you started? Well, it would appear, broadly, from where you live perched atop Toronto,
Cities appear to be dying of starvation, now that suburbanites hate living in cities and would drive as long as an hour to get to The Big Smoke, which of late is showing very nearly a rotten core. Are suburbanites killing the province and globally warming the planet with their minivans?
Do something useful about this flight to the burbs. Write a letter to the editor.

So here goes:

Urban sprawl hurts us all. It makes public transit almost unworkable, it clogs highways, pollutes our air and warms the planet.
Except for myself, who once ran for mayor of Newmarket, no local politician has ever been against it. Many councillors are backed by developers in campaigns.
And yet, what in tarnation is going on here in tiny Newmarket? Sixteen square miles of town so developed by now that the new shibboleth is to build up, way up. We can no longer spread. We have to have highrises. New York in Newmarket.
Too many people, too many buildings in too small a space...Sixteen square miles. And the urban affairs ministry is still saying, build, baby build!
At a recent meeting in Newmarket, poor, sincere Ward 5 Councillor Joe Sponga brought some of these issues up, but threw up his hands in resignation." What can you do against Queen's park?" (Queens Park is like Albany, New York, State Capital)

I had offered, at the meeting "What are they smoking at Queen's Park?" Why do they want to glut already gridlocked highways with even more cars? Why should Newmarket build up? More people with more cars. Screw public transit. Anybody middleclass knows this is for peasants.

Urban sprawl and congested highways is not what the people of Newmarket wanted. But politicians seem to ignore the wishes of citizens and pander to developers.There seems to be no other industry around. Well, there is the Cancer Industry. In Newmarket today, Cancer is the bigmoney generator and we've got a state-of-the art cancer hospital... New doctors and professionals in town buying up any available homes or condos. Elbowing the poor and the working poor into the slum that has become downtown, as all the business has gone to the big box stores just outside of town.
What indeed are they smoking at Queen's Park?
Citizens have tried to fight this in nearby Markham.
And today, they lost. Again. The Devoloper-Mayor has won.

To veer towards bad taste, there is a primitive form of man called Austraulopithecus Boisson.

Hereabouts, with the developers, it might as well be "Ausraulopithecus Paisan."

Build, baby build. Even if there is nowhere left to build.

Build highrise.

Porca Madonna!

Vertical disintegration?

Hey, you can really get a rant off in a letter to the editor.

And someone might actucally read it!


Anonymous said...

as a rich/famous developer once said..."I feel like a farmer;one day I plant sewers in the ground,and the next day houses grow out of there..."


Charles Gramlich said...

I certainly don't get the same satisfaction from having completed a blog post as I do from having a finished and salable product in hand. I love to write, but I have a goal for it, which maybe makes it a little different than masturbation.

the walking man said...

I can't masturbate unless I am sure I won't be doing it for more than "the rest of my life." As they say--"The end is near" and never is that truer then when masturbating.

The thing I like about having a letter to the editor published is the commentary by the readers after wards. The thing I hate is there is no room for debate.

Sweet lord Remember what happened in Mississauga 20 years ago, all that middle class housing torn down to accommodate McMansions from the Chinese running from Hong Kong? The old homeowners all sold and went to New Market it would seem.

Anonymous said...

for any unsuspecting or un-informed,the developers/builders of ontario are bigger and wield a much larger stick than even our provincial gov't.can muster...when premier McDither first came into "power",he did so on a huge wave of "I'm going to shut down building on the moraine"promises...a largely supported sentiment,obviously...after about 24 hours in office,and following the resounding echo of a body being vigorously slapped around,the "stop the development" platform,with a tiny whimper, slunk away in the darkness,never to be heard from again...these guys still need to get their shit least,Ivan,no one can burn you out of where you are now...and there may be some real bargains on houses in Hong Kong... said...


That is so right on about Hong Kong coming here. They are still coming and even previously historically designated houses are now being torn down to "accommodate the McMansions."

Migod, insight coming from 400 miles away, and lut from out from the belly of the whale!
As for room for debate, I often get replies to my letters, practically every time, but, as per Robert's Rules, you can't rebuttal a rebuttal and my third answer to the paper is usually discarded. said...


...And how you have goals for your writing.
Multiple, glossy publishers, and candy-apple polished science ficion and fantasy! Mostly published by somebody else.
Not at all like Joan Rivers' budgie, Onan, who, she said, "Always spilled his seed upon the ground." :) said...

Anonymous (Tony),

Oh you are so right. A wonderful natural aquafer, the Oak Ridges Moraine, a watershed and a perfect filter as rain feeds the natural, bubbly springs.

And what have they done? Turn nature upside down, have the water not naturally going north to Lake Simcoe, bu,t by way of a humungous pipe from all the subdivisions in York, and Durham regions, having he water goind South to Lake Ontario. Aquafers and wells being pumped out, and subdivisions built on top.
As for Queens park, I want to get mad and say, "O, generation of weasels!"

Mona said...

Poor Ivan, You do appear "moonstruck"! (((HUGS)))

Build is the killer guild!

Here we have many dying of collapsing high rises in a small wind- rush!

Reason? poor building material!

But who worry where the population overflows... said...

Hi Mona,

Yes, I am moonstruck. And in the middle of a publishing streak. I have to hold myself back a little, and not do too much business on a full moon! For some arcane reason I stare at the full moon and toss the I-Ching (Gad, am I a phoney coffee house chess dude too?.
I-Ching says do no business on a full moon.
All I can do right now is blog.
And will have to wait for the new moon to flog. :)
As for quality of building material, at least the Italian guys, descendants of the engineering Romans--make absolutely sure that no building ever collapses, even during earthquakes...Have to at least give Luigi credit for that.

BTW, Mona, how did you do on that important all-day examination?

Anonymous said...

breaking news!...sweeping new police powers prohibit criticism/suggestions submitted for local publication, ,the reciting of poetry,the use of water colours of opportunity, protesting,or fondling one's self within 5 km of any new development in see what ya gone and done,Ivan!... said...

...Now if I were French-Canadian, these "broadcasts" of mine would be called...emissions.

Mona said...

Hey Ivan, I just read your first Chapter!


Hey! its your Birthday on the 4th!

Happy Birthday to you! said...


Thanks so much.

Your comment is very timely, as the page proofs of The Fire in Bradford will be in my hands by this afternoon.
I am told people on the production line are caught sitting down and reading the book, work be darned.
I guess it's because the book has a local setting, though my actual publisher is based in Montreal.

As for birthdays, thanks again.
I swear that I'm getting so old, I remember that Frenchman, the Marquis de Sade, when he was just a young whippersnapper!

Cheers, Mona said...


Thanks so much.

Your comment is very timely, as the page proofs of the revised Fire in Bradford will be in my hands by this afternoon.
I am told people on the production line are caught sitting down and reading the book, work be darned.
I guess it's because the book has a local setting, though my actual publisher is based in Montreal.
As for birthdays, thanks again.

I think people are tired of my standard joke that I am getting so old, have a penchant for the gothic, and seem to remember the late Marquis de Sade when he was just a young whippersnapper.

Cheers, Mona. said...


Pressed an extra button.

Double printing.
Excitement, I guess.

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