Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Halloween, and I'm a horse, thinking he is a stud.

It's Halloween, and I fear my art has come to this:

Old horse masturbating in his stall.

Doing he steel-toe quatruped shuffle.

Thwack of two-foot long penis against belly.

Oh to be prehensile, like a Houyhnhnm out of Gullivers Travels.

Holding between hoof and pastern.

But no.

Old horse.


Look ma, no hands.

Not hard to conjure for myself as the image of an old horse.

Or the image of a poet.

Which I are not.


To which I soon get a letter:

What is horse masturbating?
Just very curious lol.

Bcuz every time i get my gelding out and when i groom him and get ready to ride, his penis comes out and he bounces it on his stomach. It confusing me.


(Me in my degenerate old age):

That was no horse. It was me, the stall-stooper.

And if I catch ya.....



Mona said...

That is the scariest Halloween I ever came across!

Aaaaiiieeee! I am outta here!!

Charles Gramlich said...

If I see anyone dressed as a horse tonight I'm gonna run really fast home and hide under my bed.

Donnetta Lee said...

Equine. Simply equine.

Oh, shucks. EVERYBODY is getting old. Might as well enjoy yourself. No pun intended. D said...

Gonna come and getcha. :) said...


Yep. Can't have no horsin' around. said...

Horse says to Catherine the Great, of Russia, "Gee, Cathy. You make a swell date!" said...


Worse still.

I haved sent your brother two copies of my refurbished novel, The Fire in Bradford...He can forward you your free copy to India.

the walking man said...

I foyu have a two foot long penis you chose the wrong profession old man! said...

Got drunk with a Southern lawyer.

Not sure whether it was the peenie or the sub-peenie.

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