Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ivan at three months, contemplating his first stereoscopic novel.

Actually, I had an unhappy childhood, thank God.
How else to be a writer?
But if one only had been born a toff!

Ah, what could have been. I could have been somebody.

I could have been Marlon Brando. I coulda been a contenda! I could have invented 3D!


Mona said...

you mean writers are Drama Queens?[sic]


Hello Ivan!

the walking man said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha Mona punched you in the nose! said...

Well, Prof Mona,

We're a pair o'Docs. We have both studied Nietzsche. And we have published tracts.

But I don't think theres a [sic]
in Ecce Homo.

So nice to see you back. Where ya been? Mysterious hiatus.

Charles Gramlich said...

I had a happy childhood until I went to school and started hanging around people. Then it turned bad. People = pain. said...


"Hit me," says the masochist.

"No," says the Sadist. said...


You're in good company, I think.

Old "smarter Sarter" once said, "Hell is other people."

So did the late genius (and CIA man) Jerzy Kosinski, author of The Painted Bird.
...But I think Kosinski took his criticism by others too seriously.
It ended up as self-criticism, so he offed himself with a Winn-Dixie plastic bag over his head!

Man, that's extreme self-criticism. said...

PS to Mona,

Like a dedicated garbologist and former prof, I picked up this item from The Insider, but I must cite my sources, like a good Doc:

Alexis: I know where you can buy a picture of Marlon Brando giving oral sex to a guy in the back of this restaurant.
A: Show me and I’ll buy it.
M: Colonel Walter E. Kurtz is giving head?!

The picture is said to be Marlon Brando giving oral sex to Wally Cox his lifetime friend and partner who was know for his ….big talent. Part of Brando’s private collection the photo was burried for years during his marriage and fathering of many children. Even though he allegedly continued to play on the side with Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Stewart Granger, Montgomery Clift, John Gielgud and James Dean.

A: Ladies and Gentleman LA Rag Mag gives you the infamous, the shocking, the gloriously eye opening…..


Yes, it’s shocking I know. Take a deep breath and relax, he always said he was a bisexual it’s just the photo that takes you there. But behind the shock is the love story of Marlon and Wally Cox that many people don’t remember. A lifetime companship, that at times was a love affair, with a classic Hollywood ending.

‘If Wally had been a woman, I would have married him and we would have lived happily ever after.’

Mona said...

Walking Man, my punches are flying high and low everywhere these days.
you know about it...

Ivan, Prof emeritus , I guess you are right there. What could writers be, but Ecce Homos!

There is a man in every woman and vice versa. Writers are the only ones who are courageous enough to let them seep through their surface.

And Drama is something I relish. All do I guess, otherwise it wouldn't stand first among all the written muddle. Life would be very boring without Drama. Anything would do, with the name drama attached to it...even absurd and cruelty and nihilism and nothingness and meaninglessness...

One wouldn't think like, " there is no purpose in my life any longer, so I must cease to exist" . One would rather say " because I exist, there must be some purpose( read drama) in my life"!

'Live happily ever after'!

Eternity is not something that I would wish for!

Mona said...

Charles Gramlich, As Sartre already said, " Hell is the other people".

Still, one has to take responsibility of one's freedom when granted. Sadly, people fear their own freedom and choice. So they prefer to remain in pain , or in other words ' with people'.

Anonymous said...

Sigmund always said if ya ain't horizontal,y'all ain't havin' fun...y'all can't really be anybody unless y'all havin' fun...moral = y'all have a drink and be somebody,and y'all be sure to get horizontal...riders brought the storm... said...


Hi Tony, master lead guitar player.

Yep. We writers have been trained to think horizontally.

Still, my mind is workin' like a toad.

ivan said...


With reference to your note to Charles, I think some playwright
has develope this thought a bit.

I can't find the play anywhere because someone had just talked to me about the production.

But I recall that the play was called "Beating the Schmertz" or something.
The German (Yiddish?) term for pain of life is weltsmertz.

Seems the characters in the skit my friend related to me-- would at times stop all conversation, or whatever they were doing at the moment, pick up a broom and "beat the scmertz, beat the schmerz."
They would beat him horribly, mercilessly. You could hear the schmertz groan...then they would go back to whatever they had been doing.

Yes. We go back to people. And every so often we stop what we were doing to Beat the Schmertz.

Donnetta Lee said...

You be so cute. D said...


I spelled Weltzchmerz wrong.

Typo! Typo!

Teachers don't offer excuses, they offer explanations. :) said...



Mona said...

yea. Beat the pain...until it beats you ...[ pun intended] said...


Beat the zchmerz, beat the zchmerz, I say! said...

PS to Mona,

Durn, I have lost a file.

I have sent you an email once again requesting your brother's address here in the Richmond Hill-Torono area.

Can you please resend?

I certainly owe you a free copy of my "The Fire in Bradford" since your exellent review of the book therein....I have added your photo on the back cover where quotes of your review are included.

You are a doll, as the photo taken from your avatar, visusally attests!

eric1313 said...

Just don't let an unhappy childhood become an excuse. We all have more than enough excuses without pulling pain from the dawn of time into the present every time we hit a stumbling block.

At least in my case, I have to let it go. Can't blame all that any more, because the screwed situations I'm in now are all my own doing, I need to deal with them myself. Or not deal with them... regardless, childhood needs to be fodder for writing (after clever disguise and make over), and nothing more. said...

"Besides that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?"