Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Non-verbal blog. At night, the other me emerges.

From this horrible witch's brew of the id at night-- comes the calm and collected speaker?
... I have not been asked to speak anywhere for some weeks.

You don't suppose they found out? :)


benjibopper said...

Funny I just had a reading cancelled and got all insecure about: maybe it was me? Still don't know for sure, but they say it's just postponed.

benjibopper said...
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Very likely postponed. I found at one of your readings that I attended the warmest, most gemutlich place in Toronto at the time.
You got charm,you got talent and you got class.

As for me, I don't know what it is.
I think I ain't got no class.
At one speech, I made the mistake, I think, of using the H-word to describe my W.W.II experiences.
May have put the audience in a down mood.
This time around, I was invited to only be part of the audience. "You can speak if you wish."
Who me? God's chosen to "speak if I wish?"
Do they not know who I am?
Are they blind, lazy or just stupid? :)
I had half a mind to take off my shirt at my next reading.
I have a picture of the Stars and Stripes tattoed on my chest. Along my back, a fox hunt is in full progress.
With the hounds in hot pursuit, the fox starts to disappear into my major aperture.
Can you top this, next poetry reader?
Outraged ego.

Felt like then doing a Blind Melon Chitlin, out of Cheech and Chong!

Like Socrates.

I quote that old adept out of context:

"I will now offer a cock to the god Asclepius!"

"Speak if you want to?"

Do they not understand?

I am god, lightning will strike them!

Sodomize the MC!

(Hm. Maybe that's why). :)

JR's Thumbprints said...

Ivan, I'm sure you're much more entertaining than I. All you need is for someone like me to go first, that way you'll look like a mighty frickin' genious -- that is, if they don't think I'm your son. said...

They might indeed think you are my son, Jim.

You look exactly like me, though 25 years younger! How do we explain that? :)

Mona said...

JR is a doppelganger??

Maybe they got cold feet! said...


JR is my doppelganger, and I am Otto Rank.
Rank indeed!

(I think it was Otto Rank who wrote about the first Doppelganger):) said...


Possibly cold feet.

At the end of my speech, the MC seemed sort of, uh, stunned.

--Or maybe he couldn't believe what he was hearing...:)

Charles Gramlich said...

Looks like you know how to handle a mic there. At least you're not holding it backward! :) said...


Reminds me of a second-hand, backard-facing "Newfie pistol", for sale and "used only once."

benjibopper said...

Thanks Ivan, I'm sure you're right about the postponed.

But in your case, you didn't take knock 'em dead literally did you? said...


Throughout the speech, there was the occasional "Hey, Hey!"

I guess they never seen a drunk before. :)