Friday, December 24, 2010

The Black Icon seems to shine again

Christmas is surely a time of miracles, some large, some small. The small miracle is in a number of Ukrainian professors out west, who are demanding a reprint of my first novel,The Black Icon. The book was published thirty-five years ago by the Bradford Witness Publishing company, it is out of print, and so unfortunately is The Bradford Witness. It has been bought by Metroland. I don't have an immediate in with Metroland, but the gods there seem friendly.
So in the short run, I am between publishers right now, but I will surely knock off enough copies from here to satisfy the demand. Better read(again?) than dead!
Sort of a small miracle to have the Icon still kinda shining.

And Merry Christmas, everybody!



JR's Thumbprints said...

Merry Christmas, Ivan.

I wish I could relate to "Better read(again?) than dead!" I certainly can sympathize with this, we all have our moments, our times to shine, and hopefully, I, too, will have my moment(remoment) in the sun. said...

And so you too shall have your moment, Jim. I can imagine it already.

Merry Christmas to you.

the walking man said...

How many words is it and how many pages is it in it's current incarnation?

SantaCat said...

Ho, Ho, Ho!
Merry Christmas to all you cool cats and kute kittens!
Ho, Ho, Ho! said...

Hi TomCat,

Long time no see.

And Merry Christmas!

Donnetta Lee said...

Merry Christmas, Ivan! It's cold here in Oklahoma and we are getting some spitting snow. Wish I could finish my "story" and have it reread. I'm still on Chapter One. D said...


The Black Icon is cut to the bone.

I started way back, years ago, with 300 pages first draft, was advised by a prof to cut, cut, cut; I followed his advice (he was already published by Viking) and ended up with only 134 pages of proof copy. The cutting seemed easy, as I had just finished a stint with the Toronto Star, where copy was condensed so hard, you'd swear there was a paper shortage.

The experience was worth it.
In the proof copy of The Black Icon, I tried to make every word count. Like Hemingway review of a bad movie in Kansas?

Pix :) said...


Seems to me you just have to write lots, no matter how you feel about the quality.

Your lead, or opener could well be buried halfway through your chapter...Then you have to write another chapter to follow the new lead, or opening....And whaddaya know, you suddenly have Chapter Two, but in a new key. :)

Have a merry Christmas night!