Monday, December 13, 2010

Generation of Weasels?

It seems to me that when the Holidays come up, Big Brother moves to the top. RIDE patrols here in Canada, arbitrarily stopping motorists, whether guilty of imparied driving or not. You must be caught! Police parked in Beer and liquor parking lots, behind bars--the drinking bars. Mothers against Imparied Driving, certainly with legitimate sorrows and complaints seem to want us all to stop just short of prohibition...Or maybe go all the way with it. they know it can get past the Constitution. I mean, smoking is virtually illegal nowadays, is it not.
And yet the streets are full of gunfire and that underlying malaise is hardly ever addressed. My Region has at least two Mafia families operating in it, but they are molested not.
White collar gangbangers are tolerated, and even the gangstas unless they do something especially heinous... like in Vancouver, where police are forced to actually do something.

If you drink, don't drive. But if you shoot somebody, well, that might just be gangsta crime.
Go after John Q. Public, who goodnaturedly goes along with all suspensions of freedom, trying to do his best.
We live in such a false sense of security, the kind of security you once felt when you drove your powerful car though a hot summer night, the windows open, the wind in your hair, the CD up, singing along with the music,imagining yourself to be free. Uh-oh. They can stop you now for nothing. Especially during the Holidays.
And God help you if you had a glass of wine with your last meal.
It seems to the authorities that it is the middle class and not all the lunks, punks and drunks that are causing the problem. Go after the guy with the two last names. Snooty bastard and his minivan.
I have been planning a book for some time now, whose working title is Generation of Weasels.
Bullied by our politicians, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms vetted by something called the Constitution Committee. We don't know what our rights really are. And where, really, is the Canadian Constitution?
It is locked up in Ottawa.
As I remember the same condition was there in the United States in the Fifties.
They even arrested Harry Belafonte for being un-American.

And now all the false flag operations to keep us all in line.

Zim-boat Taliban, tally me banana.


Charles Gramlich said...

that's one of my major problems with the way police forces are run. They spend more effort going after the least dangerous criminals, or the "non criminals," and it's all about money. That's how they make money. said...


As an old Yippie Dippie Dropout, I surely miss Paul Krassner's magazine, The Realist, out of the late Sixties.

On the covers logo, there was a slightly depressed Humpty Dumpty, you and me, finally cathing on.

Mona said...

I agree with Charles. its more about money, and less dangerous to their ( police) life too!
In India they, the police, learned extortion from the mafia. said...

It's not so bad over here in Ontario, Canada, Mona.

It's just that they cover it up with cute mottoes like "Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere"...Sounds like the phrase of a paranoid, donnit.

Erik Donald France said...

Absolutely right on the money -- it's the same from airports to carriage ways. Brings out the Dada nature in every artist, I think ;-> said...


Yeah, I almost forgot to mention the short-arm inspections at airports.
Ah well. With the writing, it is true. My heart belongs to Dada.

the walking man said...

Just say No or better yet "Go fuck yourself" said...


The temptation is to be less polite than Harry Belafonte and his investigation by the House of Unamerican Activities. He went quietly, but won.
...And now we come to Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Thanks to the Internet, the whole world is telling the sinister powers that be to go screw themselves.
The grossness at the airports.
Yep, Mr. Tallyman. You can tally my banana!

JR's Thumbprints said...

Generation of Weasels? Sounds like the changing of the guard for the Michigan Dept. of Corrections. All the old timers are being forced out; All the newbies are calling the shots from behind locked doors. said...


Sounds like the time I was an aging headline writer for the Toronto Telegram.
"Watch your back."

Mona said...

When is your screen play coming up? said...


It seems the way of even established writers that the computer and the screen trumps mere scribbling on treeware.
Seems we mus now write for the screen.
Or is somene just saying once again that the novel is dead?
I am, as you know, in the midst of a screenplay. But it is in shambles. There is a need for serious rewriting and even collating. Here is hoping there is newfound energy in the new year.

Anonymous said...

Hi folks,

Just a short note for the Halifax-area people: I'll be at the Halifax Farmer's Market tomorrow (Saturday) morning from 7 am (ouch!) signing copies of Drive-by Saviours. If you're out grabbing last-minute stocking stuffers, pop by my table and say hello.

Happy weekend,
Check out the video highlights of Chris Benjamin's recent book tour at said...


Next to Charles Gramlich, you are the best promoter of your works!

Me, I just sort of dog it and hope to be discovered. Yeah, right!

Mona said...

I was talking about Fire in Bradford. The play surely is not for theater, given its so many impossible locales for a stage setting!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mona.

I had been accused in the past by students of over-generalizing and not being specific enough on things. Like did you mean my current blog or my play.

The Fire in Bradford is complete as a play, but I had "issued" it, act-by-act, in my various blogs over the past year or so.
The play should be printed as a whole.

The thing now is to collate and put into proper play form.

I had hoped to find some kind of agent to push the thing.

...I did. Through an intermediary, I sent a couple of Act to one Paul Aspland, a big guy in the Toronto theatre scene.

...It has been three months and not a peep.

Kind of slowed down my ambition to get the play at least printed properly if Mr. Aspland had said anyting good at all.
I am seventy and just can't handle rejection any more.
Force-feed the goldurn thing to an audience?...Any audience?

ivan said...

That last Annymous was me, Mona.

I think the full moon is getting to me. Durn technology. I seem soggy and hard to light. :)