Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hangover this season from all the so-called newsmakers

About this time of year, when you're a bit hung over and on the edges of a really good flu, don't some of the news stories of the past year and a little before-- just want to make you sharpen a miniature hatchet against the media poseurs who hog all the headlines.




Anti-smoking grinches rich on the public trough.

Health care professionals and their preaching.

The Canadian Cancer Society.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Party- pooper Mayor Bloomberg, of New York.

Al Gore.

Lady Gaga.

Justin Beiber.


Power-mad police chiefs, as in Toronto.


TV Evangelists.

Professional Atheists a' la Christopher Hitchens

De Paki Chopra

All health news

Afghanistan--all of it.

Any further news this season from Israel.

All those media hogs.
The only exception, it seems to me, is Sarah Palin.
She is worth her weight in gold as an oddly attractive lightning rod, badly needed food for the talk shows. She's cute, stoopid and says some really funny things.

Like "Happy Hannukah-Quansa, and how's that working out for ya?"

Sarah Palin for President! :)


Wyatt E. said...

Palin is indeed somewhat sultry,with a hint of still vibrant sensualities...although she isn't any sharper than the average marble,she hasn't done badly with her lot in life,is genuinely cute,and,truth be told,she stirs up some genuine and earthy rumblings within my own corridors...better yet,she is a far more palatable/attractive serving than the wretched likes of people like Guergis or Stronach,who feigned real play on the political stage,but were exposed for the actors they truly were,riding in,and,thankfully, out, on the classic ship of gold,expecting wealth to pave all the bumps out of the road for them ...nope,I'd much rather go on an extended hunting trip with Palin...and I'd be more than happy to report back on any news incurred therein...that'd make me a newsmaker,so to speak...

Charles Gramlich said...

About as far as I could go is to say that Palin is kind of perky cute like a cheerleader, although not a head cheerleader but one down the line aways. Her voice is just one of many deal breakers for me.

Wyatt E. said...

and she's buying the stairway, to heaven................

ivan said...


I shudder at the thought of Dick Chaney and Sarah Palin going off in the woods hunting.
She'd yell "Dear", and Chaney would do an Elmer Fudd with his blunderbuss.

ivan said...


The redneck in me:

If she'd just shut up and..... said...

Wyatt E,

Indeed. Like our local glam girl money-grubbing politicians that you mention
up above

the walking man said...

and her brat and grand kid are moving to Arizona so Momma Griz can fit right in with the whack jobs there. Maybe she can kill some Mexican immigrants from and airplane or a helicopter while teaching that governor to hunt.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Too much reality on television. I can't take another year of it. I'd rather watch another season of "The Walking Dead."

Happy Nappy New Year, Ivan.

ivan said...


Yep. Plunk the Mexicans in Arizona.

No need for ethnic studies, says Governor Jan Brewer. said...

Happy New Year, James.

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