Sunday, January 30, 2011

"If, just before completion, the little fox dips his tail into the water--nothing will further."

He saw in his own eye yesterday's confusion, the leaving of his wife for an exotic lover, and he found the truth, lay, as always, in the commonplace.

Chinese symbol for cigarette.


Chinese symbol for death

He had hit the Yang line.

He could not find a symbol for a higher plane.

Perhaps there was none.


SY said...

that's what happens when you're a jackass...
great post
- SY said...


That is a Q.E.D. by anybody's math.

(Chinese Ideogram of jackass here).

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like a rising problem to me.. said...


I notice in The Walking Man's blog today he says, very eloquently that this guy Art makes us suffer so, for so very little.

My foray into New York- style minimalist art above, seems to have taken something out of me.

It became almost a problem.

I am certainly thinking of those cold-water Soho loft dwellers who give up all for art, even unto strange beds. And it's all hazard.

Going hunting in forbidden woods and fishing in forbidden streams.

Crikey. What a way to get material.

This is for Adults?

Anonymous said...

"if,just before completion,the little fox digs her tail into the water,nothing will further"... said...

...It might further if it's Megan. :)

JR's Thumbprints said...

That first symbol looks like "kicking butt," whereas the second symbol looks like "flicking butt." Then again, what do I know? said...

Pretty sly there, JR.

You'd think you were into creative writing or something. :)

TomCat said...

Could it be that the higher plane was too high to see the logo? ;-) said...


Oh how right-on that is.

A reader sent me his novel titled Waxwing.

Made me think of Icarus.

But that's too noble.

More like f*ck-up. :)

SY said...

by the way you received an award on my blog today.. come check it out said...


Oh that was so sweet of you!

And congratulations on your own award from the Big Kahuna!...Actually, I swear West Coast Aboriginal folk are actually from Hawaii, about ten thousand years back...So many Polynesian words there.
Certainly an award from a big writing guy, and congrats again.

the walking man said...

Maybe because it is a higher plane it is one where no symbols or words are adequate to express it. Ergo it remains in silence in perpetuity. said...


Maybe it's the tao of ourselves.

A durn tricky thing to discern. Like identity.

(Don't let) "The sound of your own wheels make you crazy."

TomCat said...

And no doubt you headed for the sun. said...


I ain't gonna do Sun City no more.

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