Friday, January 14, 2011

Please igonore this blog. Image is for printer re reprint of my novel, The Black Icon


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm trying to ignore but not being successful said...


Me neither. I just realized I had misspelled "ignore" up above...Have fixed it....Going through some sort of meltdown over here. Things happening to the good, but they're all happening so fast! One is old and creaky. Can't take the pace. Hit 'em with your cane! :)

JR's Thumbprints said...

Ignore the printer. Reprint with:
zeroes & ones, and bits & bytes.

If I ever find the time, I'm gonna offer my services, until then: "I GO NORE IVAN."

Peace. And hang in there, we're all leery of the cane. said...


You are right regarding my luddite ways.
Ens and ems --and picas and column inches to do Don Quixotes with.

But here is still, as Jonathan Franzen might say, the need to hold an oldfashioned book in your hands and be intoxicatted by the dance of of words on white space, to temproarily shut off those maddening zeroes & ones, and bits & bytes.

It seems right now there is a demand for my Black Icon as a printed product...I gotta fill the need.

...And thanks for the most witty of comments!

Anonymous said...

Hi folks,

Reviews keep coming for Drive-by Saviours and I quite like this one by Corey Redekop, author of Shelf Monkey:

I've also turned my fingers to a little reviewing myself, compiling my annual list of favourite books I read last year:

Now putting the past behind me, looking ahead and wondering what revenge nature has in store for us, is my latest column:

May all your books thrill you in 2011!
Check out the video highlights of Chris' recent book tour at

Donnetta Lee said...

It's like telling you not to scratch an itch! Beautiful cover design. D

the walking man said...

OK I can do that. So how's it hanging? said...

Thanks, Donnetta,

I had some doubts about the cover, but what you say is incouraging. Hope your health improving... Durn migraines or sumpin.

ivan said...

Walking Man,

Have you noticed, by your own experience that upon getting something published--there is this feeling of extreme vulnerability?

...Like the chick who as getting a book published, and then couldn't pay her rent or phone bill...and the cheque from the publisher still in the mail...Ha.

Dangling woman. Dangling man.

....No time for a hanging!

Mona said...

Ivan, is the island Grove press a sister concern of new york grove press?

I need to order some books from there...

ivan said...

Hi Mona,

Years ago, my then- wife and I started Island Grove press, both of us smiling roguishly, as it did sound a lot like Grove Press, out of New York, famous publisher of all the Beat and hippie poets, novelists, satirical cartoonists.

As the current edition of The Black Icon comes out, Island Grove Press is in transition. The new Black Icon will likely come out with the new imprint of Warbrooke Publishers, Ltd. They are from Montreal, but you can still go to my address here in Newmarket if you want any copies of the Icon-- or any of the four book I have out.

Nice to hear from you. I hope that you are well.




Ivan Prokopchuk
Island Grove Press
54O timothy St., Unit 304
Newmarket, ON

the walking man said...

Ivan nope. For me once something is published the checks either come or not. I just don't think about it much.

I don't want to sully my artistic soul with lucre. hahahahahahahaahaha

It'll work out old man. Have a little faith.

And David wasn't quite as libidinous as his son. How many wives did Solomon have? 400? said...


Keeping the faith. Upholding the right!


...I guess you are answering to my comment on your blog about King David of old being a lothario besides a shrewd Old Testament king. Lothario means, of course, a horny bastard.

Omigod...If what you say is true about his son Solomon,
migod, the Salvation Army helps the needy, not the greedy!

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