Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If it happens three times, it must be a fact!..I sold my novels three times this week...Feel so good, I must include my recent photo!

It's hard to get out of the training.
...The investigative reporter's approach to a story, the bureau chief's assertion that if something happens three times, it is a fact.
I have been "published" three times this week while lying in my hospital bed.
This publishing must be a fact.

The first publishing was actually a reprinting of my virgin novel, The Black Icon...Seems a noted academic out of Edmonton, Alta, Canada wanted some copies to send around to his friends.
Well, I had sent him ten copies, but it seems Canada Post "ate" five of them and poor Dr. Peter ended up with only half of what I had sent.
The second "publishing" was when friend Ron Gardiner offered to buy up every last copy of The Black Icon, right across my sickbed. The timing couldn't have been better as I was sick and broke.
But the third publishing was real.
I was a cheque from the Town of Newmarket, by way of the Newmarket Public Library.
Oh Warren Potter, my former boss at the Star! You were right, it seems. "When something happens three times, it's a fact."

The library publishing is not a new event. They have been buying my books for years. It had been nice to kind of loom around the library where some workers might say, "There goes Ivan the writer," at which point I would probably pick my nose to demonstrate my intelligence.

But a fact is a fact.
Recognized by your own home town. Again.

Kinda cool.

but not too cool for school.

Where the hell is Random House?

Bob Loomis, head editor: Are you listening? :)