Monday, May 09, 2011

The Burial of the Sardine

Golly, Goya!
You saw Osama buried in 1816?


benjibopper said...


Mona said...

I wonder why they call it 'burial' said...

He swims with the fishes.

ivan said...

Certainly against O's religion.

ivan said...

Hi folks,

I don't usually use this list for anything but announcements about my writing, but I want to make a small request of you: if you value freelance journalism, please email Dan Leger and Frank DePalma (, at the Chronicle Herald and urge them to sit down with their freelancers and negotiate a fair contract. (And if you could bcc me on it, that'd be swell.)

Here's the deal: management at that paper, apparently worried about this newfangled online era, had their lawyers write up the most rights-grabbing contract the Canadian Freelancers Union has ever seen. In short, it takes all the writers' rights to her or his word creations, in perpetuity, with no additional compensation. That means they can muck about with those words, repackage them in new formats online, quoted in their entirety, whatever, and make more money, without paying an additional cent to the writer (who is already sorely underpaid for this journalistic work). For writers, words are our most important asset. They are how we feed ourselves and our families.

There's a group of 20+ freelancers (including the paper's bread-and-butter writers Silver Donald Cameron, Sandra Phinney, Harry Bruce, Ralph Surette) trying to convince the Herald to sit down and talk it over. The group has given the Herald an alternate contract, drawn up by lawyers of the Canadian Freelancers Union, that gives the paper what it needs in terms of online rights without stealing from writers. (See for details.) But management is calling it just a few "writers with a cause," and have refused to alter the single clause in their contract that grabs all the rights.

Your letters would help a lot, be they from readers of the paper, other writers or just people who believe in fairness.

Many thanks,

Chris Benjamin is a freelance journalist and fiction writer. His critically acclaimed first novel, Drive-by Saviours, was listed as a Canada Reads Top 40 essential read of the decade.... said...


That last comment was from writer Chris Benjamin (Benjibopper) and not from me.

Erik Donald France said...

Weird thing is besides Goya in general is, Goya has been on my mind all month. Maybe because of his May paintings of the Spanish wars.

Will get over to the write-ins asap. First, must sleep, but hopefully not tonight with the fishes. said...


If you shoot Goya's "Burial of the Sardine" down to about half the size of the actual painting, there is suddenly this spooky likeness of Osama bin Laden on the pennant in the backround.

I think Goya had actually painted in a moon face, moon face, but if you
reduce the painting right down, there is suddenly this uncany image of bin Laden!
I swear.

Wyatt E said...

look closer...there are twin towers off in the distant background,with giant sardines flying towards them...every fish story gets better each time it is recounted...kipper be damned... said...

Enough to scare Snoopy off his doghouse perch.

...Strafe marks along the barracks. Torpedo wakes around the cess pool....Those have had to have been launched by old Fairey Swordfish torpedo biplanes...

Curse you, bin Laden!

Wyatt E. said...

yes,curse you Bin Laden...I am now lifting my glass,celebrating,with a new drink...a Bin laden...two shots,and a splash of fucking dog...

Wyatt E. said...

breaking news...Muslim heaven has just presented Bin laden with the first of 72 virgins...all 625 pounds of her...praise Allah...

the walking man said...

And the world has changed how?

Anonymous said...

All the world wonders.

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