Friday, October 21, 2011

Can you teach an old trick new dogs?

(Photo by MaryRose Gurica)

The cupboard is getting overdrawn at the local food bank.
Not a single can of corned beef, even Klik. There is a tin of canned ham, but it says Maple Leaf, and that makes you skittish to use after the last set of problems with that company. And I just read that Maple Leaf is out of business. Some Seniors have been known to drop dead over the cold cuts.

No Carnation milk for your coffee, not even powdered milk. All you can have is one per cent milk, which realistically is water with white added to it.
Someone beside me said, "You still going to the food bank? Don't go to the food bank. Nothing here. Don't got to the food bank. Dumpster dive!"
So I dragged my seventy-three-year old body to the dumpster behind the local M&M meat shop. Egad. Paydirt.
Toasted western sandwich, not yet stale dated, but thrown away.
Roast beef sandwich with cheese.
Chicken salad sandwich.
Club sandwich.
(All the items were plastic wrapped for sanitation; you'd have to be a tough germ to get in).

...And the date of expiry is on this actual day. Today! All the sandwiches were technically fresh yet. Hot dog!

Never mind the food bank.
These days, I'm sticking close to the dumpsterc


Charles Gramlich said...

Are you becoming a "Fregan?" someone who lives off the free food leftovers that folks didn't buy? :)

eric1313 said...

Eat and write more! If thou receivest, thou had best givest! And you know what you have to give.


For our entertainment.

I love all the posts here man, I always do. said...

Well, hello Eric1313!

And thanks! said...


Yes, a fregan.

I am trying to think positive.

Lately people have been buying up my remainders, my usold books in the stores. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ivan,

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It illustrates a recent quote from U.S. Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren about taxes, breaking down and highlighting statistics and the affects taxes have among businesses, government and the people.

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If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

eric1313 said...

Glad to hear you are selling! Would be nice if the success you have in store for you comes while you are still alive enough to have a few drinks to it! said...

Thanks Eric,

I needed that upward bump this morning.

Good to see you are writing poetry again...And, I guess, surviving in a much more capricious environment than whitebread Newmarket over here.

eric1313 said...

capricious is as capricious does ;)

I am not in a market
I am above the market
I am beneath the market
I am the market
Buy it or or don't buy it

I have my days, like all of us do, sometimes i feel good and sometimes not. Thsi morning i started with almost having to force myself to write, then it came out slowly but with little fits, then a bit easier, then a few quick edits, re write a few lines, delete a few unneeded extras, make sure it looks fairly unified to my own strange specs and boom. b00m as the kids say lol. I'm a poet but I ain't no n00b.

But anyway, not like I'm a real writer or something!

Hope you feel up to forging ahead once more some day soon.

eric1313 said...

Did I just say lol on you blog? hehe

ivan said...

...I thought it was my friend, the ChiCom. His name? RolfMao

ivan said...

No, you ain't no nOOb.

As I get older I become a little dyslexic. I guesss that helps for a fellow- poet gone to seed and dementia. But sometimes a little parallax helps. I see you as a bOOn.

Erik Donald France said...

Good luck, man~~! I'm doing the occupy thing in TX. Some people were arrested today over in Dallas for trying to get other people to close their bank accts.

Cheers ~~ said...

Good on you, Erik.

We of the 98 per cent sympathize, and --say it on!-- applaud the occupiers.

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