Friday, November 04, 2011

Herr Doktor, conjure me a beautiful woman

Seems the older I get the more I am like today's physicists. They seem bamboozled by the "orneriness" of quanta and the unexpected ghost of a dark matter that seems to stand Einstinian physics on its head, certainly in a possible acceleration of the speed of light to beyond Einsteins absolute speed limit of 186,000 miles per second.

And synchronicity. Much synchronicity.

I am here and I am there at the same time. Might even stand old Buddha on his bald head. Seems it's no longer true that where you go, there you are. You or your hologram may end up in a thousand places at the same time.

I am half convinced what will one day emerge on the cosmos is an overlay of the back of the human brain,along with the picture of a hand. It would certainly give the evolutionists a boost. It would certainly give biology a boost, for that sad science hasn't much developed since DNA was discovered.

The back of your brain and a hand.

Creationists might be heartened. We are, after all, different from the apes.

The back of the brain and a hand with the wandering thumb.

Heh. Physicist, conjure me a beautiful woman.

Seems that after my last breakup, I have just been too handy. :)


eric1313 said...

Heh! Slap happy, indeed!

We might be somewhat different from the rest of the apes but not THAT different.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like you need to find a Genie in a lamp instead of a physicist. :) said...

The divine spark, er, spurt? said...


Come to think of it, I used to watch that old TV show, Bewitched, quite a bit. Maybe too much.

What is it about fetching blondes in harem outfits? Or even brunettes, for that matter.

Semantha used to turn me on until years later my eyes popped out Jim Carrie -style at old Starwars footage of scantily clad Carrie Fisher trapped as a love slave by Jabba the Hutt.

Heh. Even funnyman Jon Stewart admits there was some "pretty good pullin'" there in his old teenage days. :-)

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