Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Astrological Forecast? "Your (anus?) is definitely in retrograde and is in tough aspect to Pluto.

Frustrated of late by low reader response, I uncharactersiticaly got a bit into to occult, by first tossing the I-Ching and then fooling with astrology.

Well, the I-Ching was a bit dour.

"You have dipped your tail into the water. Nothing will further."

The astrological message made me laugh out loud:

"Uranus is currently in retrograde and is in tough aspect to Pluto."

Seems my anus has definitely been in retrograde of late.

Hardly anybody has been coming around.
Which is odd, because I've had good luck in getting stuff published in the local papers hereabouts.

It's lonely at the top? Well, no. That's not quite it.

I will probably never reach the top, not even near to where I once had been...but it was fun having one's own newspaper column for a while.

And lately, portents are not good.

I worry about that astrological bit:

Uranus is currently in retrograde and is in tough aspect to Pluto.

Maybe that's the trouble.

My anus is definitely in retrograde these days , and when it comes to Pluto, the relative lack of response to my blog of late--is probably that I have been poking that puppy.
My Anglo friend, working in construction with some Italians, has come to me for translation. "Ivan, what do they mean when they say "fuck dog"?

..."Give you and object lesson: I've been dogging it in my blog for a couple of weeks, and by slow reader response--I guess it's starting to show.

Would you take a used dog from this man?

Well, at least, a new blog?

But I fear my anus is in retrograde!


Chris Benjamin said...

It seems to me people are moving on from this whole blogging thing - or at least the way we've been doing it - which is sad because I have so enjoyed meeting other writers this way, sharing work and feedback and support.

Now it's all the micro-form - facebook and tweeting and all that. "Social" media that are less social, less constructive.

And blogs have become largely promotional devices.

That's my theory on the lowering response rates. The quality of the work remains.

Writing, a shit gig that gets harder with each frost. But the wordplay is fun, at least.

I for one hope you keep posting. I'll keep reading. said...

Thanks, Chris!

My techie son has all but abandoned me, I am using ten-year-old frames in my blog,an oldfashioned browser and with changing technology, people might just have trouble getting into the blog.
...At least I thin that's it!

Anonymous said...

Hi folks,

This is likely my last newsletter-y thing for a few weeks because of the holidays and travels.

The big news is that, after nearly a year-and-a-half delay, I'm finally launching Drive-by Saviours on PEI, on Jan. 11 (7 pm at the Faculty Lounge, Main Building, UPEI, 550 University Ave, Charlottetown). As always, I beseech you tell your Island friends and family to get themselves there and say hello. I'm particularly excited for this one because some of PEI's best writers will be doing the event with me, reading poetry and prose. From the press release: "Benjamin will be joined by the ever-popular Hugh MacDonald, PEI's Poet Laureate; David Helwig, whose latest book is called Killing McGee; Jeff Bursey, author of the satirical Verbatim: A Novel (The Review of Contemporary Fiction calls it "a tour de force"); and well-known PEI poet Yvette Doucette." Pretty solid company. There's a Facebook page for it at, so if you're into the social media thing please spread the word that way.

Some recent writings: If you're Nova Scotian, you've probably heard of the Utility & Review Board, which is frequently referenced in news items on everything from gas and electricity prices to interest rates to movie classifications. But do you know what it is exactly, or anything about the 6 men and 3 women who make all these decisions on our behalf? What it does, and how? Few do. I did some digging and wrote a story about it, which you can read at

Also, my second and final recommendation on the Advent Book Blog is Haligonian Sue Goyette's Outskirts, possibly my favourite book of poetry ever. Read the recommendation at

Happy holidays - hope you all get a nice big slice of magic and joy somewhere amidst the chaos and commotion.



See a video for Chris' new book at

Chris Benjamin is a freelance journalist, fiction writer, CBC News web writer/editor and a columnist for The Coast. He is the author of Eco-Innovators: Sustainability in Atlantic Canada ( and the critically acclaimed novel, Drive-by Saviours (longlisted for a 2011 ReLit Award and Canada Reads 2011). In 2006/2007 he worked as a journalist in Ghana. He shared an honourable mention in the 2009 National Magazine Awards. Chris has also written for The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Chronicle Herald, VoicePrint Canada, This Magazine, Now Magazine, Canadian Dimension, Descant, Arts East, East Coast Kitchen Party, Third Person Press, Nashwaak Review, Pottersfield Press, Rattling Books, The Society, University of Waterloo Press, Z Magazine, Briarpatch Magazine, Coastlands, Progress Magazine, Rural Delivery and many others.

eric1313 said...

Still here as well, Ivan. It's harder to get around on the net lately for me, life keeps making me busy one way or another right now.

I have neglected FB as well. As you know, actually.

but you should not quit this. Someone reads us. I still get the same ip visits from the same people... Isle de France, Paris, someone living in the heart of the Amazon still drops in once week, various Spanish, British and Australian ip's... There are people who read us and love what we do, and obviously what we have done. I have a couple archive posts that are constantly hit still, i have no idea who is directing that traffic to those links but it's huge! What if, after all the heart ache and striving for expression and getting no money for it, just doing it, and for a time or 2 or 3, I was able to produce something that could influence someone else possibly?

Well, I guess I'll just smile and be glad that that happened! I have that. You have more than that, you taught. You have written widely read opinion forming publication. Within the matrix of our culture's guts, near the soul, you have a powerful resonant mark laid. Here at the dusk of our cultures, at least :)

Yes smiley face crud and lols are ripping the language a new one.

But what you do here is excellent work in commentary that runs from intellectual to satire and always you show us something ironic to confront in life and sometimes within ourselves.

Don't doubt your value and I won't doubt mine. said...

Why, thanks to much, Eric.

...Sure do warm the cockles of this twisted old heart.

And Merry Christmas!

Erik Donald France said...

Merry Christmas, Ivan ~~ Cheers~~!

Here's to an exciting 2012, happy health, more writing in its various formats, and a toss of the I Ching ~~ my friends & I in North Carolina used to consult it before going out on the town ~ I do the runes daily to catch a glimpse of what may come down the energy path ~~ do keep writing ~~! said...

Thanks so much, Eric France.

And happy new year!

eric1313 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eric1313 said...

Ivan, where else are you going to be heard any time you want. Or say whatever you want more or less, and get it onto a page.

Hope the Holidays are treating you well. said...


The holidays....a little hung over, weird word-associations today.

A friend came over with a box of beer on this Boxing Day.

"Hark, the herald angel sings."

,,,er, Hi there Harold!

Hark the Herald!

Good old Harold on a hungover Monday.

Hope you had a good Chrismas, and happy new Year. The new year somehow rings with new promise...I have stopped getting rejections on my novels. Well, better a friendly note than an "eff-off, garbagemouth,can't you see I'm busy?" :)

JR's Thumbprints said...

"poking that puppy" - hard to imagine around the holidays. gotta get out more ... leave the puppy alone. said...


Yeah, I got out to visit, finally.

Stopped poundin' the hound.

Hey, there's a whole world out here!

Not like for my lean friend from Tanzania, who asked one day. "Ever have dog?"

...And, I guess with the holidays, you may have abandned the pooch for a while too.
Heppy New Year! said...

Yeah, yeah.

I spell like I make love: badly.

My name should be Typo Graffie?

Russell said...

Stop by and wish Johanna a Happy Birthday on Tuesday, December 27! said...

Thanks Russell.

...It's a done deal.

...And the very best to you for the new year out there in the West. said...


All of sudden, comments.

The squeaky wheel does get the grease? :)

lgsquirrel said...

Hi Ivan,
I know I haven't been round for the longest time but I wanted to wish you a blessed 2012 and may it be a great year with many readers and comments. said...


How nice! I'll be over more often to visit your blog in 2012.

And happy New Year to you too.

Anonymous said...

Erectile Dysfunction has left a new comment on your post "The Magus":

Keep up the good work.

Posted by Erectile Dysfunction to Ivan's Blog at 12/28/2011 6:42 AM said...


How did you know?

...But it will soon be spring!

Mona said...

hey, not blogging in yet. But will be back soon enough...

couldn't help thinking that this sounded like krapp's last tape (?)

Mona said...

Ps. Happy New Year said...


How nice to see you around again!

I was so appreciative of the review you did on my "Fire in Bradford" novel...I quoted a paragraph from your review on JR Thumbprints, sort of as an object lesson to Jim Tomlinson, who appears to be going going through some dark nights of the soul....Don't end up on the rebound with a bitch who has problems? :)
Anyway, thanks for the greeting, and a happy new year to you.

We Quarks are all looking forward to your new blog!

nishajain said...

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Anonymous said...

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