Friday, April 06, 2012

Zany Barrack room memories on a Good Friday.

I must apologize, I suppose, for having a military background. It gave me some rough edges and certainly irreverence by the time I finally smartened up and got into university as a mature student. But I miss some of he barrack room humour. A lot of it was sacriligious, and maybe that was the charm.


A dialogue:

"Into the bushes!"

"But I'll scream.

"How loud can you scream?"


"Into the bushes."

"But "I'm in the family way."

"You're in everbody's way. Into the bushes"

"But I'll tell the vicar."

"I am the vicar. Get into the bushes!"

"But I'm only thirteen."
"I'm not superstitious. Get into the bushes."

But it's good Friday."

"It's good any day. Get into the bushes!"

Hm. Well over seventy I worry about jejune humour.

But it seemed so funny then.

And, heh,have a Good Friday.

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Have I laid an egg, or is something wrong with my comment window? Charles Gramlich just came in to comment and it does not show in the comment space...Hm. Maybe I just laid an egg. :)

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