Friday, May 18, 2012

Stephen. You are leakey.

There has been a spate of documentaries on public television of late. Evolution, yes. And generations of Leakeys, "leakeypants" and maidens in middens. And the august Dr. Suzuki seems to think there were hobbits in Malaysia. This led me to research tirelessly until, with scrupulous scholarship, I came across this comment on one of the scientific papers. Speaking of evolution, why is it that girl's bums look like peaches? Is it for the same reason that bananas look like dicks? # posted by Jagd Kunst : Wednesday, March 08, 2006 The quest for truth. We flinch not, neither do we falter. If you don't know peaches, you don't know dick. And I don't know Llamas from lamas. But watching the behaviour of those cute lamas, I would surely address them as "your horniness."


Charles Gramlich said...

hum, and there we have evolution, in a ..... nutshell. said...

Please ignore the letter below.

I'm having maintenance problems in my building, have no copier, and have to go this way:

Anne Marie, 2o May 2012

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my fridge conked out last weekend. I called building maintenance, found a new person there; )I think he is related to Gary, who is ill). Anyway this new person--I think his name is Glen--took away my bad friddge and gave me a " temporary replacement" one--which I found didn't work at all. I have had the useless refrigerator all this week. My groceries have been spoiled, and I was forced to buy cube ice to save what I could.

It gives me conern to talk about a new employee, he tells me his immediate assistant was slow in delivering the new fridge, and well, what can you do. I have been buying ice all this Victoria Day weekend. I have informed Bernice, the security tenant.
Hope this can be straightened out.

--Ivan Prokophuk
540 Timothy St. Apartment 304.
Newmarket, L37N9

I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but something must be done. said...


Did you ever google Evolution?

Mein Gott.



the walking man said...

i have solved, in one master stroke, both he conundrum of evolution and your spoiled food...everything has peaked. We are now past the expiration date, apparently your refrigerator agrees with me. said...


Past the expiration date.

Even the gay are saying, "You're showing your age, you bitch."

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