Friday, July 27, 2012

Comes to writing and music, is seventy not an age, but a dimension?

I am probably turning senile, but I'm beginning to think my advanced age is not an age, but a dimension. Take writing and music. In the same dimension? Well, maybe in the same family, for I seem a crashing bore, though enthusiastic, at both writing and music. Suddenly it seems, at 70+, that the music is taking me over. It became clear to me at the hysterically young age of seventy-three that I may have been wrong in killing myself at writing these past fifty years. (The financial reward was paltry while it seems at music, you not only get a sort of instant gratification, but more often than not, somebody at least will supply the beer); seems that with writing, you are to one buying the beer, for agents and prospective publishers. With music, more often than not, you'll get a beer sent to both you and your compnion if a performance was particularly good. It has struck me that I may have been losing at writing over half a century, while music seems easy, and somehow helps your soul to catch up with your body,heh, after all that sin and muddlement. That or it's just some death angel, possibly from Dixie--there is that Delta pull of you do blues, and though I try to be John Prine in my music, It is just an imitation of that musical tiger. So where is your own song, old Ivan? Hopefully, it's in my novels, but it seems lately that if you blow on the words, they just seem to fade away.


Charles Gramlich said...

There is a band called Death Angel. I'm a big fan. :)

the walking man said...

Ivan Waites, long lost brother to Tom.

ivan said...


I am in love with John Prine's
"Angel from Montgomery."

do describe the condition over here sometimes.

Old age is the pits. I want a reprieve a pardon from Montgomery, or maybe Ottawa. :)

ivan said...


Yep, Surely Tom Waits:
"Siting there by myself.
Nothin' to do.
...Took advantage of myself." Hoo hah!

Chris Benjamin said...

I think every writer wants to be either a musician or an athlete. But the money always seems better when you look at the success stories. Still, no reason not to do both - or all three. said...


I reckon that over the past 50 years or so, I have made about $l00,000 from my writing.

This came from having been a staff writer on newspapers and magazines, before finally graduating to my own column.

But the last line of my blog must surely gives me away (I just realized).

"...but it seems lately that if you blow on the words, they just seem to fade away."


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