Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm a little yellow duck, waddling down Main Street

I don't like thinking out loud on a webpage. It's got to do with the composition of a short story. I am stuck.

Anyway here are the salient facts of the short story I am somehow compelled to do:

I was sitting on a park bench, depressed over friggin' near everything, including my financial condition.

Suddenly, right at my feet was this little yellow duckling, with a young girl walking just behind.

The little yellow duck nibbled at my toes a bit, decided there was no duckweed on my Adidas, and then trundled off on a waddle, seeming to lead the young girl.

The girl appeared to be walking her duck today, and the duck had examined my toes with some interest.
The girl paused after the little yellow duck hesitated, not sure of whether to go up Timothy, a sidestreet, or keep waddling north on Main.

"Where did you get your duck?" I asked the little girl, whose father was not far behind. Duck, girl, father, all in a row.

I think she said Brooks Farms, though I am a klutz at facts. Facts confuse me.

Anyway, the image was so sweet. The little yellow duck leading the way, the cute little girl behind, and the father sort of looking out for girl and duck.


PhilipH said...

Unique. I like the idea of the little caravan led by the duckling, with dad tailing up as the guard. Where will it all lead?

ivan@creativeriting.ca said...

Thanks Philip H,

I have been trying to get all my literary ducks in a row, but Erik Donald France, (above) advises that I should keep the story as it is.


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