Saturday, August 25, 2012

I drink, therefore I am.

Dodging coffins lately, and I should like to say I don't like it. F
our near-death experiences. Hosptalizatons.;one is using up his nine lives! Pesistent bleeding from the rectal area. Says the Newfie, "Rectum? Just about killed him." Doc says it's my drinking. Well, while I thought to drinking was to facilitate my mental health the doctor says it has wrecked my physical health. A longtime fan of Honore' de Balzac, I am now at least a character of that master's old novel about guys drinking themselves to death. This was not the plan. The plan was to use my life, my as a theme park, or at least a Marineland where I could offer people a sealbottom. Shee-it. You mean there is an end to the party? I have been a reader of Dylan Thomas for years. I refuse to go gently into that dark night. At least, not without a drink.


Charles Gramlich said...

I cam home Friday and stopped and got a 24 ounce beer. I knew I had more in the fridge. I drank 90 percent of it but when I got home, I just put it down and that was it. I don't know why the urge to really drink is gone from me now. I'm glad, though.

the walking man said...

Old man have you ever gone any where gently? Personally I doubt it is in your nature to not always rage in your own sophisticate way. said...


When younger I thought it was the comic books that dunnit to me, but I think it was The Royal Canadian Air Force. Man, did we learn to fly.

ivan said...

Rage against La Machine!

Anonymous said...

Hi folks,

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Chris Benjamin said...

What doesn't kill you will only kill you slowly.

Gently, no. Rage is more fun.

ivan said...

I am that antique hockey player, Pistoff, coming down the ice....

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