Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sam Hill over the hill. And his wonky computer too?

Ever have one of these days, especially when you're old and over the hill? My computer has one wonky...I can't even find my own published material in NAIN ROUGE, a division of White Cat publications. Trouble with my Adobe, same as a Navaho, I guess. My health has gone to rat crap. Cross addicted and high blood pressure. Damn, every so often spewing blood out of both ends. Healthy. Goodforya. Well, the docs have now patched me up. Bleeding duodenal ulcer. Will take three months to cure. What a drag...Precisely when at the hilariously young age of 74, I may have found true love...She's just a young chick of 62 and I an old crow. But my hard drive is fading, and my chassis is rocking. What a time to try to do a lothario. But she seems to understand. "I used to be a nurse." Hey! Anyway, I've gone back to the doc and am putting my computer into the shop. Hell, where we both go, nobody knows. -30-


Anonymous said...

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(Submitted by Chris Benjamin)

the walking man said...

Ivan shoot me an email if you can open msword.doc and I'll shoot you the manuscript in HTML instead of adobe. By the way your story and interview are above the fold, the second piece of art (3rd counting the cover) Cover, poetry, copyright page, my blather page, separator page then 4 pages of Ivan. said...

Hi Mark,


I have consulted with my techie.

In about two hours, I will be carting my computer down to the shop.

He says he will do a solid job of installing flash player and adobe.

But yeah. Shoot down the dummies. Either myself or the techie will get them.

Thanks to you NAIN ROUGE appears to be something of a success.

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Charles Gramlich said...

You and your computer are both on the fritz? Sounds like you were made for each other. :)

Seriously, hope you get to feeling better soon. said...


Both my computer and I have turned schizo. Is it time for us to split?