Saturday, July 13, 2013

It is Friday the thirteenth.
Oddly, it's always been a lucky day for me.
I got my job with the Toronto Star, and then Seneca College on Fri. 13, finished a novel on that date, resulting  a creative writing fellowship in San Miguel, Mexico, a division of U.C.
Why should today's black Friday seem uncharacteristically ominous, like fishing in a vat of worms?
It's probably because I've just passed my 75th birthday and the old chassis is starting to rock.
Seems to me that in the past, every sickness seemed to have a morning of healing, but on this Friday 13, I'm no longer placing any bets on waking up refreshed and renewed, born again.
I collapsed on the street today in ninety degree heat. Happily, a postman walked me home. "What day is it,"
I asked groggily. "Friday 13, 2013"
Happily on this day the postman cometh.
I fully expected the man with the scythe.
Good things still happen on Friday 13?


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