Friday, April 18, 2014

Giving death the slip

I am in hospital. something really  wrong with my innards.
I seem to be in n internal medicine ward and they have just moved somebody in next door.
He is a slightly greing  fiftyish man, not yet really old, wheeled in by what seems to be an entourage of family and friends.
I pick up from their conversation as he is helped into bed, that his name is Sam and from the paddock talk, a horsebreeder throughout our region and even the United States.
Immediately to  his left  pleasant brunette seems to be almost tucking him in. I take it is his wife. I pick up that he has been diagnosed with cancer.
The unfairness of it all. The successful business--the other people around him treat him with great respect, almost love.
He was/is somebody.
First bleeding ulcers. And the the godawful diagnosis. Cancer of the bowel.
Right in the middle of his success, the livery business, which today has to be  high end, the loving wife the loyal partners.
They all talk shop for a while, the four of them, and eventually the three men leave, but not the wife. It is getting late, past visiting hours, but she is not leaving.
I see her lift his blanket to lie down beside him. Apparently she will try an all-nighter, keep him company of the staff will not ask her to leave.
I listened to their talk for most of the night. The nurse had been in but no one was asked to leave. She left in the morning with a loving kiss and hug. Sam had been a lucky man.
The money, the ribbons the prizes. But the creeping sickness. The first time he had  just had the bleeding ulcers and ending up in a V.A. hospital. Ex-marine. Gulf War. Back home in one piece, to recover and succeed. And eventually here, Joker's Hill, East Gwillumbury, to be  told that he has cancer.
The unfairness of it all. Right in the middle of your sucess, two Big Ones in the bank, international notoriery, and then bowel cancer. Real bad. He still has the slight American drawl.
Sam the man, felled by something viral and stupid.
I make a dusting-myself-off gesture.
I am neither smart or successful. And I have this persistent bleeding ulcer. The doctor had said  it doesn't feel like cancer.
But poor Sam Hill.


Charles Gramlich said...

Hope you get feeling better quickly. Lana and I were just at the clinic Friday for a quick procedure to help her with her back pain. it seems to have helped some at least.

ivan said...

Thanks, Charles.

I myself have recovered--at least physically.
My best to Lana and glad to hear there is progress!

Anonymous said...

Hi folks,

I've been a bit remiss in sending out writing updates lately, partially because not a lot has come out online and partially because I've been pretty focused on book stuff. But here are a few recent things I've done you can find online if you're interested:

I have the cover story in this month's issue of Halifax Magazine. It argues that Halifax should seriously consider passing a "rights of nature" type of bylaw, affording legal protection to the land, air, and water:

I've got a couple new book reviews in this season's issue of Atlantic Books Today, which you can find on page 33 at

A while ago I did a story on the sale of Bookmark Inc., an independent bookstores with locations in Halifax and Charlottetown:

And just a couple of blog things - a piece I wrote a beautiful moment I shared with my son a couple years ago:

And my favourite books from last year:

Happy reading and I hope this finds you all well.



the walking man said...

Ivan old salt you're yet notorious in my book. said...

Thanks, Mark.

I knew I had to stop hammering out the old boiler plate and write something from personal experience that would get y'r attention. Durn hospital experience. said...


Please ignore the form printed below.
My copier is down, so this is the only way at this time that I can reproduce an important document (at least important to me).


I, Ivan Prokopchuk, the undersigned, do hereby grant
(Please Print)

full and unrestricted permission to any and all agencies of the municipal,

provincial or federal governments in Canada, or to any other private agencies,

including health care facilities of any kind, to release details of my interactions

with said agencies to Mr. Frank Klees, M.P.P. (Newmarket-Aurora) or to his

designated staff, in order to facilitate their activities on my behalf. I further

release Mr. Frank Klees and his staff from any liability which may arise because

of their access to such information.

Signed at _______________Ontario_______________________________
(Town) (Signature)

Date: _______________________________

(Signature of Witness)

Date: ________________________________

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