Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Discovering the Higgs Field at 76

I have always had a paranoia about  cosmologists, usually  shaped a bit rotund, like the planet.
Sometimes they are a bit more athletic, like de Grasse Tyson, but in most cases, something like old blues players, "Blind, Lane and Crippled Horribly."
It is my belief that cosmologist through the ages, have always been tyrants or politicians,
(Like possibly mistaken Aristotle, "The sun goes around the earth, therefore I should rule..?"

...Certainly the position of the Roman Catholic Church for a millenilum or two.

I had entertained such thoughts until I met Cosmo.

Cosmo, who in appearance, was a little like Deepak Chopra, finally set me straight.
Synchronicity. Yes. Nothing is absolutely so.
Cosmo, perhaps like Dante, suggested to me the only way out of a major problem--was down,
Was he drunk across the hastily wiped table at the English pub?

"The only way out is down.

I was poised at my dumpster, looking for not-yet-stale dated meat.

In the wind, a hlundred dollar bill few by.
Which I plucked forth.
Corollary: Fuck it up completely, and only then will the truth be supplied."


Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like you need to watch Big Bang Theory for the scoop on Higgs

Anonymous said...

Ah, what's real and what is not. :)

Anonymous said...

My copier has broken down.

I had to go the shoemaker route and copy from here.
Please ignore the business letter below.

Ministry of the Attorney General
Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee
595 Bay Street Suite 800
Toronto ON m5G2M6

Dear Esperance Kirahuzi,Public Trustee and guardian,

As you may be aware from my constant requests by telephone, I would now like to be reassessed in the Public Guardian and Trustee arrangement.

I did need help with my income a year ago, and it was welcome, not to say generous--but I would now like to be off the programme.

I am advised that I should now ask you for direction, and this is my request.
I am formally requesting a reassessment of my guardianship.

I am informed that this would consider legal action and some cost, but I feel, a year after being indentured into the program, that I can now handle my own affairs.

Thank you.


Ivan Prokopchuk

Anonymous said...

Dear Sandra Martin,
Outreach Worker,
York Region

As you are no doubt aware, I am trying to be reassessed under the Public Guardian and Trustee arrangement.

You, and others have been more than yeomanlike-- outrightly generous in your treatment of me, but now, a year later, and in a better frame of mind, I feel I can fly on my own.
I realize this will lead to complications, and surely some legal expense under the Act, but this is my decision.

Without prejudice,

Ivan Prokopchuk

ivan said...

from: Nov. 3, 2014

Ivan Prokopchuk
540 Timothy Street, Apartment 304
Newmarket, ON L3Y 5N9

Judith Wahl, LLD (or assistant)
Executive Director, A.C.E.
Advocacy Council for the Elderly,
2 Carlton Street, Suite 701
Toronto, ON M5B1L3

Dear Ms. Wahl,
I am a senior of 76 who, a year ago, was forced to acquire an Ontario Public Guardian and Trusteeship because of a hopeless financial situation which included my failure to pay rent to Housing York, here in Newmarket, Ontario.
This has since been rectified, including good work by my putlic Trustee, Departent of the Attorney General, my trustee's name being Ms. Esperance Kirahuzi.I am out of debt and the rent has been paid, all of it.
Now that a year has passed, I have requested to terminate the trusteeship and to "fly on my own."

The answer was a definite no.
"You need help with your income."

In a satirical turn of thought, I began to harbor the notion that everybody was helping herself to my income as I was allowed a paltry stipend of a hundred dollars a week, hardly survival income today.
So I seem indentured to the OPT&G for life.

My request for infomation from A.C.E. is how I can now get away from the Ontario Public Guardian and Trlustee.
I am in fact a little annoyed over my apparent tether to the OPG&T.

Can you or somebody in your office help?


Ivan Prokopchuk
905 868-9824)

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