Friday, February 27, 2015

My wife had been right."Old Dog, the canine unit will pick you up!"

It used to be a joke with my then wife, "If you're not back by midnight, I'll send the SPCA after you." Well, it was almost that way last week when I was picked up by York Regional Police's Canine Unit. This old dog was hobbling up the flagstone stairs just north of McDonalds, on the way to the Metro supermarket, when all of a sudden, collapse. I couldn't take another step. No way. The doctor was right. Legs not getting enough oxygen. Must see a vein specialist. Reduced of late to walking with a cane, I just made the beer store on Leslie, only to find out once I made the purchase--that I couldn't walk. No way. Legs not getting enough oxygen, doc says. What to do? Crawling up the stairs, past the McDonald's, to the 404 plaza, where there was a 56 bus, hopefully. ...But no go. Puff puff, can't go any farther. Splayed out on the stone stairs. It just happens that an officer of the canine unit, York Regional Police--saw me on the stairs and asked if I needeed help. Yep the SPCA (almost) finally picking up Ivan. (Curse you, old Redhead from the past)? So I got a ride home in the big white York Regional taxi ("Can't take you home with the dog still inside), neighbours no doubt wondering if the had finally caught Ivan. lol. It was a lucky thing to happen. Had not the cops come around, I would have still been splayed out at the stairs leading to Metro from the McDonald's. On the ride back I talk of the recent ambushing of three RCMP in the Calgary area. I talk of having been born just before the Second Worl War. I mention of having been a peacetime airman. Police officer says, " Yes, well, but these days, you don't know who the enemy is." I was left off at my apartment on Timothy Street. From the talk with my good samaritan policeman, I got the feeling that in these "interesting times" we are all in this together. I salute the York Regional Police. And thank you

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday 13 will work for you today!

It is Friday the Thirteenth, and unlike most people (for whom most things go bump today), I've always found it to be the luckiest of days. I published my first novel, The Black Icon in TOPIC Magazine, serial form, on a Friday 13, l975 Next Friday 13, I got hired at Seneca College as a teaching master, no doubt the result of my writings on a Friday 13.. I proposed marriage on a Friday 13, and won the gal. Well, today is Friday 13, 2015. I am banking on this day. Broke, depressed, and out of girlfriend (yeah, sometimes divorce can put a crimp on your good luck)--I am nevertheless ready to rock and roll. Heh. Just you watch.