Island Grove Press

Island Grove Press was set up to publish students of Ivan Prokopchuk's Creative Writing class at Seneca College, Ontario. Two students, Alan Greenland and Walter Grieve had their short pieces published through Island Grove Press, which possesses an ISBN number through Ottawa. Other students were allowed access to TOPIC Magazine now absorbed by the Era-Banner, York Region. These students were Wendy Walton, Penny Van Everdingen and others.

Once TOPIC and Ivan's job at Seneca were "retired", Ivan went on with productions and projects through Island Grove Press, which included publication of The Main Street WhizBang, Newmarket's first and only underground newspaper and literary magazine.

At present, Island Grove Press is quiescent, though Ivan has used the venue to publish four novels and a political monograph over the past thirteen years. One of the novels, Light Over Newmarket is available to visitors of this site, though there were problems with copyeditors at Island Grove who did less than a yeoman's job of editing Ivan's work, so the copies available of Light should be considered unedited.

Submissions to Island Grove Press will be considered but it would take Herculean effort to convince Ivan to publish any new writers. Half of the problems of new authors (a tale out of school) is money. It takes $10,000 to produce and market a novel and in most cases, Island Grove Press just can't afford it. So browse all you want, but be aware that it would take an earthquake to have your work published the way it should be published.