The Fire in Bradford

Sometimes we rush a work into print while our senses are still hot from the passage of the experience. This happened with THE FIRE IN BRADFORD when it was published in Newmarket through Island Grove Press in 1996. Badly proofread, badly edited and badly printed, it seemed to scream for a time in the future when synchronicity would finally justify its future existence in a more mature form.

We hope that form has finally been grasped. Though the book still stands in Ottawa (ISBN:0-969-1829-4-5), the following "polished" version may be better.

This is a work of fiction. Except for place names, all the characters in this book are totally imaginary. The only real thing in this novel is the source of evil, which has always been with us.

Ivan Prokopchuk

* Songs quoted in this book are usually from memory and are always attributed to the artists.
Major epiphanies are from the album "Let It Bleed", by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.